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Evan Knoxx

Evan Knoxx

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Never overlook those unassuming types: they're sometimes lots of fun! Evan Knoxx is just such a guy, a hunky Midwestern college student who enjoys gaming and outdoor fun. But this tall & sexy guy is also very sexual, a truly versatile post-twunk who likes to explore his wild side. Be it role-play, kink, one-on-one or group sex, Evan likes to have sex. Fortunately, for all of us, he likes to share.

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Romeodude on 10/29/2021 Evan is an amazing addition to the cockyboys troupe! Handsome, great body,sexually gifted and talented...looking forward to seeing a lot more of him! ppp on 12/03/2021 I really like this new face in the porn industry, he is a beautiful and hot guy: I hope to see him star in many scenes!!! LittleBabyJoe on 10/02/2022 The hottest, sexiest scene in a long time!!!! br0ding0 on 04/10/2024 Evan is one sexy guy. Love his look altogether and hope he stays around! Cole. on 06/12/2024 Dear Evan, I wanted to take a moment to express how truly grand I find your work. Your acting skills are remarkable, and you manage to bring such intensity and authenticity to every role you play that as a viewer, one is completely captivated. Your versatility and passion for what you do are truly inspiring. I admire not only your talent but also your dedication and commitment, which are evident in every scene. Your ability to convey emotions so vividly and genuinely is exceptional and makes you an outstanding performer. It would be my great pleasure and honor to invite you to my chalet in Germany. Your visit would be an absolute highlight, and I am sure that everyone present will be just as impressed by you as I am. Thank you for your impressive work and the unforgettable moments you continuously provide. Warm regards PW

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