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Kane Fox

Kane Fox

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To describe Kane Fox as the "total package" is not an exaggeration, because it's subjectively true. The handsome breakout newcomer of 2020 has wide appeal for a variety of reasons: he's versatile, bisexual, intelligent, witty, charming in every way, and just plain hot. Kane is quietly and justifiably confident, active on social media and prides himself on his creativity in producing his own videos. One more thing: If you detect inner strength from Kane Fox it's quite possibly from his Native American heritage combined with some Viking ancestry.

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Nolan on 07/18/2021 I want more from Kane…he’s fucking perfect. ? Romeodude on 08/19/2021 Kane is an amazing guy and a great model. It does not need to be said that he has such a handsome face, an amazing physique, and a big hard cock that is always ready for action. What more can you ask for? Hope he is around here for a long time 'to cum'. ShaneAnigans15 on 08/30/2021 Oh good God damn! Kane I want you inside me! Atafafnir on 01/09/2022 Nolan, Romeodude, Shaneanigans15 you`re absolutely right. For me Kane is fucking perfect too. I enjoy every vid. His body, his hairy armpits, his cock, his smile! More of him, please! Atafafnir on 01/09/2022 Write a Comment... Slaveformaser on 02/01/2022 Kane masters his sub with sweet and barbaric powers. You can feel his movement, claiming a boy for his use,, creating in the boy’s hole a home for his pounding cock , Kane makes the boy his submissive chattel. Kane finds his pleasure with grace, control, and careful dominance. TwinkBottom on 06/24/2022 I love Kane! He is super hot. I have always dreamed of Kane penetrating my tight hole and me riding him. Zap on 01/07/2023 Perfection!! More Kane in three ways

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