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Lane Colten

Lane Colten

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Tonytiger on 01/19/2022 You are wonderful. Fantastic. Gorgeous. stud51 on 01/19/2022 A very hot stud! Slaveformaser on 02/01/2022 You are the fulfillment of many dreams. You take both ruthlessly and carefully. You teach the sub while you protect him as his master’s property. You are loving, warm and beautiful, as you seek to satiate an enormous appetite and to subdue any hesitation by your sub preparing for a sweet surrender. LCfan on 03/03/2022 Gape this guy! marky mark on 06/01/2022 Sexy af! Atafafnir on 11/27/2022 Super hot and sexy guy who knows very well to worship his bottom! Enjoyed his vids. One of my reasons to renew the membership of CB. puphaxxor on 02/24/2023 Joined CockyBoys because of him, awesome guy <3 TorqueDude on 03/09/2023 Damn Hot Dude - Perfect all the way around - smile, voice, cock. Just fine! hottie6969 on 03/27/2023 xoxoxo ;) 4zhdk on 05/06/2023 would love to see Lane be double penetrated by huge dicks. that would be hot Jacktime on 08/08/2023 Such a cute and sexy guy. The tatts are a bummer. MARC on 10/31/2023 Lane is so gorgeous and sexy with one hell of a big cock and a great cum shot!!

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