Best Days of Summer
4 Episodes in this series

Best Days of Summer


Director: Jake Jaxson

Featuring: Sean Ford, Ty Mitchell, Cory Kane, Thyle Knoxx, Blake Mitchell, Hayden Brier, Clark Davis & Chris Loan

Description: Award-winning performer, Blake Mitchell, makes his CockyBoys debut fucking the delectable Hayden Brier set in the warm, sunny backdrop of California. Sean Ford, Cory Kane & the hunky Chris Loan have their turn to play with their partners in this volume!


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Sean Ford & Ty Mitchell Flip Fuck RAW New Release | 34 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Sean Ford & Ty Mitchell Flip Fuck RAW

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Featuring: Sean Ford & Ty Mitchell

Description: Sean Ford & Ty Mitchell can barely contain their mutual attraction, and their vivid chemistry is already at full force well before their raw flip-fuck. Even as they kiss passionately and Sean makes his way down to suck Ty, they keep it sweetly playful. Sean sensuously sucks Ty and gets him revved up to return the favor and eat out and probe the ass he's been craving. As he does Sean gets into a 69 so he can get back to feasting on his cock. They flip around again so Sean can feed deep-throating cocksucker Ty, whose hungry libido gets ravenous. He kisses Sean, flips him on his back and his mouth keeps going on Sean's hole and his succulent toes. Ty cock teases Sean's hole but can't hold back any more and he fucks him full force. Ty only stops to slobber on his hole and then pound it [more....]

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Cory Kane & Thyle Knoxx New Release | 40 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Cory Kane & Thyle Knoxx

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Featuring: Cory Kane & Thyle Knoxx

Description: Cory Kane welcomes fellow Canadian Thyle Knoxx to CockyBoys for their first time together on screen! You see, the guys discovered they grew up in the same small town but just got together over the holidays. Now you get to see their first flip-fuck! After some affectionate smooching Thyle goes down on Cory's thick uncut cock and soon in return Cory gives him the same familiar pleasure. Cory goes a step further by rimming & fingering Thyle getting him ready to take his cock for the first time. Cory takes it easy to give Thyle time to get used to his raw cock but eventually starts thrusting in deeper and faster...and Thyle gets more into it. In fact when Cory starts pounding Thyle from the side, he's ecstatic. And yet he's eager to give back and does with one quick flip. Thyle gets [more....]

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Chris Loan & Clark Davis New Release | 23 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Chris Loan & Clark Davis

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Featuring: Chris Loan & Clark Davis

Description: Beautifully muscled duo Clark Davis & Chris Loan first connected on Twitter but CockyBoys brings them together! Clark & Chris enjoy some quiet moments of mutual appreciation and exploring each other's bodies which leads Clark to Chris' bulging briefs. It isn't long before they're sensually sucking each other with increasing passion and visible joy. After a little more appreciation of Chris' impressive physique Clark turns his attention to his muscle butt which he tongues and teases to Chris' delight. Soon Clark replaces his fingers with his cock to plunge in and out of Chris who moans with deep pleasure. And when Chris turns around and rides Clark's steel pole they're both in state of heightened sexual pleasure. Clark goes slow and easy when he fucks Chris on his back, but [more....]

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Blake Mitchell & Hayden Brier New Release | 40 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Blake Mitchell & Hayden Brier

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Featuring: Blake Mitchell & Hayden Brier

Description: BLAKE MITCHELL IS HERE! The day you hoped for but never expected to see has arrived as superstar Blake Mitchell makes his momentous CockyBoys debut in a condom-free scene with his crush Hayden Brier! Blake is taken by Hayden's timeless masculine beauty, his joyful lust for life and those wonderful, nearly indescribable intangibles. It's taken a long time for them to get together and Blake wants to make it memorable beyond the Polaroid pics he takes of Hayden. As he takes a photo of a reclining Hayden, Blake's hardening cock is inches away from his mouth...and inside it within seconds. Hayden sucks him as Blake gently thrusts in and leans forward for a sensual 69, but he also lifts up and rims the perfect butt he's been craving. Even that's not enough for him. Blake turns Hayden over [more....]


Sean Ford Sean Ford
Ty Mitchell Ty Mitchell
Cory Kane Cory Kane
Thyle Knoxx Thyle Knoxx
Chris Loan Chris Loan
Clark Davis Clark Davis
Blake Mitchell Blake Mitchell
Hayden Brier Hayden Brier

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