A Thing of Beauty
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A Thing of Beauty

A thing of beauty is a joy forever

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Director: Jake Jaxson

Featuring: Gabriel Clark, Dale Cooper, Colby Keller & JD Phoenix

Description: Expounding upon the works of Whitman & Keats, A Thing of Beauty portrays the effortless chemistry and interaction between men. These short films by CockyBoys owners Jake Jaxson & RJ Sebastian illustrate the beauty of the unabashed shared love that men possess for each other. A Thing of Beauty shows it all.

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of the Year
XBIZ 2015
of the Year
XBIZ 2015

CockyBoys’ new project is a complete change of pace from their last (The Haunting), their current (RoadStrip), and undoubtedly their next.

Colby Keller, Dale Cooper, JD Phoenix, and Gabriel Clark star, while real life partners Jake Jaxson and RJ Sebastian co-directed/produced. It’s one thing to drop a bunch of hot guys onto a beach and yell “action,” but this, obviously, is something else entirely.

— Zachary Sire [TheSword.com]

This poetic masterpiece is undeniably different than anything you've seen at CockyBoys in the past. It's the first of many collaborations between director Jake Jaxson and R.J. Sebastian—his life partner of 15 years—and quite possibly the greatest, most inspired "love letter" ever written.

— Bradford Matthews [Fleshbot.com]

This is really beautiful stuff.... One of the BEST DIRECTORS WORKING right now and I can’t get enough.

— GayDailyHot.com

Going by his past efforts and this... it seems certain that Jake Jaxson has another STUNNING ACHIEVEMENT on his hands.

— JackManly.com


A Thing of Beauty: The Making Of

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Featuring: Dale Cooper & Gabriel Clark

Description: In this personal behind-the-scenes look at the groundbreaking eroti-doc, A Thing of Beauty, stars Gabriel Clark, Colby Keller, and Dale Cooper share their thoughts on working together in paradise and exploring their sexuality to its fullest. You'll learn about the camaraderie developed between each of these hot men, favorite scenes they shot on the trip, as well as the comfortable dynamic they shared working with producers/directors Jake Jaxson, RJ Sebastian, and Benny Morecock. As an added bonus, you'll get to see a hot new scene with Gabriel fucking Dale -- a pairing never before seen in the eroti-doc until now. You'll learn that while working on A Thing of Beauty, Gabriel was always turned on by Dale's never-ending sexual appetite and was eager to finally shoot a one-on-one scene [more....]

A Thing of Beauty: Free To Be Me

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Featuring: Colby Keller, Dale Cooper & Gabriel Clark

Description: Director's Note: A Thing of Beauty: Free To Be Me For the final installment of A Thing of Beauty, I chose a poem that has meaning to me beyond just the written and spoken word. In 1848, at age 29, Walt Whitman visited New Orleans. There he met a man, and the two briefly became lovers. When Walt looked back on his New Orleans dalliance, he penned a poem titled "Once I Pass'd Through A Populous City," and it was branded "obscene" when published. However, even the published poem hid its true meaning. In 1925, the original hand-written manuscript of the poem was discovered. It clearly showed that Whitman had changed the gender pronouns before the poem was published. Here is the original version -- a delightful poem -- capturing a moment of queer love from 160 years ago: ONCE [more....]

A Thing of Beauty: The Gift

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Featuring: Colby Keller, Gabriel Clark & JD Phoenix

Description: Director's Note: When I first introduced A Thing of Beauty, I stated, "It's my hope that these short films are a candle in the dark for anyone who doubts that the love between two men is anything but a thing of beauty." But as the project progressed and took on a life of its own, it connected me with the idea of "life" and the things that make it beautiful. For years, I had compartmentalized many parts of my "life"-- work, family, being gay, sex, and the list goes on. Often, I'd find myself exhausted from just the management and reconciliation of all my states of mind-- being something or acting some way I thought was expected of me. I finally realized I was just another hamster on the hamster wheel of life. ENOUGH! Every day, I work hard to free myself from a way of being that [more....]

A Thing of Beauty: A Life Worth Living

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Featuring: Gabriel Clark & JD Phoenix

Description: Director's Note: Growing up in southern Louisiana was a blessing and a curse. While I had to hide and bury the core of my being -- my sexuality -- I did however live in a place that celebrated life and living! We lived to eat, drink, and be merry. My early childhood was not extraordinary, but looking back, it was blessed. Summers were spent outside, climbing trees, making forts out of refrigerator boxes, and setting booby traps for my imagined prey. I lived without a care in the world... until the day I discovered I was falling helplessly in love with my sister's boyfriend. I vividly remember the day I first "felt it" -- he was just coming out of the swimming pool when he flipped back his heavy mane of jet-black hair like only really cool boys could. I watched every drop of water [more....]

A Thing of Beauty: Part One

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Featuring: Colby Keller & Dale Cooper

Description: Director's Note: Jake Jaxson and R.J. Sebastian here. We have been very open about what A Thing of Beauty means to us -- it is the first of what we hope to be many collaborations with each other. In this series of short films, or what we call "erotic poems," we are deliberately connecting ourselves, our struggles, our love, and our sexual "beings" to our work. In this film, we start with "the daily grind." It has caused more fights, upset, and stress in our 15-year relationship together than anything else. When allowed, the monotony of the everyday has become a slow poison and the stress and the daily grind is sand and water -- it erodes the land and turns mountains into hills. However, as in nature, water also gives us life and sand becomes glass, both helping us to see and live [more....]

A Thing of Beauty Series Trailer

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Featuring: Colby Keller, Dale Cooper, Gabriel Clark & JD Phoenix

Description: Director's Note: I'm excited to premiere the preview of our new project "A Thing of Beauty." As many of you know, we sent Gabriel Clark to a remote paradise in the dead of winter. He invited Colby Keller, Dale Cooper, and JD Phoenix -- but there will be plenty of time for me to discuss the details of the project when it's released. For now, I'd like to share a personal note about this project because it is so special to me. This is the first of many creative collaborations with my life partner of 15 years, R. J. Sebastian. Many of you know that we work together, and it is RJ's beautiful work as the Director of Photography that brings such tenderness to all of my films. Without him, "The Haunting" and "RoadStrip" would still be thoughts on a page. Truthfully, my entire [more....]


Dale Cooper Dale Cooper
Gabriel Clark Gabriel Clark
Colby Keller Colby Keller
JD Phoenix JD Phoenix

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Workout Fan on 01/22/2016 These series of videos are what kept me interested in Cockyboys. And once I saw them all, and a handful of others I knew Cockyboys was had the best videos, directing, quality, material .....and vibe. Glad I subscribed!!

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