Ashton Summers Fucks Cory Kane

Featuring Ashton Summers & Cory Kane

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Released: 12/13/2016 Categorized Under: Flip-Fucking, Hung & Big Dicks, Oral & Deep Throating, Twink, Uncut Featuring: Ashton Summers & Cory Kane

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It’s a rainy day outside and Ashton Summers and Cory Kane are snuggling up inside while keeping each other warm. Cory was down to explore a bit but Ashton is an island boy so he likes the sun and wanted to stay in and play so of course Cory was happy to do that as well. As they lay on the couch and make out Cory’s hand slowly makes its way down to Ashton’s rock hard cock and starts to play with it.

Ashton is clearly enjoying the attention so after a while Cory goes down on him to make sure that hard-on is well taken care of. Of course Ashton returns the favor by laying on his stomach and shoving Cory’s cock down his throat while Cory is also playing with Ashton’s ass. After sucking on it for a while Ashton says “I want it in my ass!” and Cory obviously couldn’t agree more with Ashton who is already positioning himself on top of that hard cock.

As Ashton slides down on it for the first time he bends over to give Cory a kiss before starting to ride his dick like a champ! After bouncing on it for a while he turns around in a reversed position and just keeps riding it. But Cory is finally ready to take charge so he tells Ashton he wants to fuck him from behind and Ashton immediately bends over to let’s Cory keep plowing him.

Of course things won’t be complete if Ashton didn’t return the favor and fucked Cory’s brains out as well so they switch positions and Cory lays on his stomach to let Ashton mount him from behind and pound away into his ass. Finally Cory lays on his back while Ashton fucks the cum out of him which makes Ashton shoot a massive load as well. Rainy days are really just days meant for fucking!

Jake Jaxson

Models Featured in this Scene

Ashton Summers Ashton Summers Cory Kane Cory Kane

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Matt on 12/14/2016 This was such a sensual scene. The rain really set the mood. Super hot. Ashton is absolutely glorious, love him. Figaro4me on 12/14/2016 OMFG!!!This was hotter than hell. Love both of these sexy mens, & was so looking forward to this scene. It did not disappoint, it was very sexy & sensual & the sparks were really flying. Loved all the little touches & kisses, & the chemistry was off the charts. Please more lots of Cory & Ashton & would love to see them in one of your features. As always beautifully filmed by RJ, who makes the human body look like art. Loved, loved, loved it. Well done everyone at CBs.❤ OK I take this as my Cockyboys Christmas present. on 12/14/2016 I swear Ashton Summers is at the moment my favorite porn star. Ok there is one other star i love very much too but he is :-( not a CB. But to get a new AS scene is from CB my personal Christmas present. Thank you all! :-) carteresque on 12/15/2016 Ashton Summers is flawless and should be preserved for all time as an example of what a perfect body looks like. Advent III on 12/15/2016 Absolutely lovely! Thank you. tommasos on 06/11/2017 stupendi ............. tommasos on 06/11/2017 stupendi ........ olthen on 08/26/2017 Wooh Ashton Summers is so hot, with a huge manpiece within his pants, which every young man could dreams off... So hot to see Ashton and Cory kane sucking each off and to see Ashton and Cory back soon again Cockyboys!!

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