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Ashton Summers

Ashton Summers

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Ashton Summers is quite the new CockyBoys cutie! Tall, athletic, and extraordinarily personable, Ashton is originally from Puerto Rico but moved to the states to focus on his dancing career -- he knows every move from classic ballet to jazz to hip-hop. Wise well beyond his 20 years, Ashton says it's important to "know a little bit of everything." So it should go without saying that his versatility crosses over to his sexuality. Through dance, he's developed an incredibly ripped body and a nice round ass, but his girthy 8.5 inch cock is a gift he was born with! A ball of positive energy, Ashton knows how to treat a guy right. For his debut scene, he hammered fellow dancer and CockyBoy Carter Dane with just the right balance of passion and aggression. Here at CockyBoys, we're excited to see him put all those versatile skills to good use!

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littlebabyjoe on 05/26/2016 Just curious, but why did he stop dancing? I haven't seen a whole variation with him, but the little I saw was pretty good. Great Cocky Boy, though!!!! garysexy pr love it yumm on 05/26/2016 gary here love this site carter an this guy so hot great fun they getinto each other a great site cocky boyz ur on a roll jamie on 06/02/2016 Ashton you are a really the best charming model ever..I like this outdoor scene, with the light and so on, it just makes you more attractive and esthetic... and what a chemistry between you guys!!! I can't wait to see more of you Ashton.. shybiguy on 10/18/2016 Ashton you are one of the hottest stars out there! You are sexy and need to do scenes with Danny Montero, Jack Hunter, and the new guys Jay Mercer and Justin Dean. ASAP! LOL LoveCKB on 11/26/2016 I love him with hairy ass. Pls don't shave his perfect property! I resubscribed because of him and Seth. bOys on 12/25/2016 I want more of Ashton!!!! :P Angel on 12/26/2016 I like how it acts but I would like to see video that he puts it in his mouth and that he takes it out with that oral Sambodan on 01/22/2017 Ashton.... you are my dream.... I can do anything to receive you baby. Guille on 01/22/2017 Increíblemente hermoso!!! Mi favorito... quisiera seguirte en otras redes... si las tuvieras sería bueno saber cuáles? Sanju Abey60 on 02/06/2017 Ashton Summers is a very cute boy.. I love to see his movies...very neutral action& hot... plz make his films with Colbey Keller and next with Marco Montgomery,, Rossette on 07/08/2017 I miss Ashton so much,he is a hot and sweet gus,I hope he can comeback for cockyboys. Kush on 09/10/2017 Absolutely love Ashton. Of course he's fucking cute but all of his scenes are always passionate and hot. I know he took a bit of a break but hop we're gonna see more of him on CB!! Bluewolf17 on 03/27/2018 I’m so glad Ashton is back. He fits with CB so well. Passionate, sexy, always ready to go and sensual. I can’t keep my eyes off him! Robinson11 on 04/14/2018 Ashton is really hot love the way you do it. Laney on 06/03/2018 More Ashton please! I need this man exclusive ASAP so I can see more of him! Carolpdx on 06/05/2018 Ashton is my drug of choice. I can’t get enough of him and I start Jonesing when it’s been weeks between scenes. I would love to see another flip line he has with Cory and Calvin, because Ashton is a beautiful bottom too. xavier on 09/15/2018 lo amo Porn Lover on 02/03/2019 His body is a work of art. Ashton is pure sex. Love him! Finn on 06/06/2019 Ashton come baaaaack! I mean, I know he's at Helix at the moment, but you should really try bringing him back here again. He's amazing. Foreverloyal86 on 04/17/2020 Everyone knows I love Latinos. Ashton Summers is definitely someone I could fall for (if he was into girls too). His accent when he speaks english is super cute and makes him very charming.

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