Colby Keller Fucks Carter Dane

Featuring Carter Dane & Colby Keller

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Released: 06/26/2016 Categorized Under: Featuring: Carter Dane & Colby Keller

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Colby Keller is well-known for his take-charge personality, masculine rugged look, and his BIG cock. It’s no surprise that men all over the world dream of being dominated and fucked by him. Carter Dane is one of those men. Except, his dream is about to come true as. His "go to" jerk-off scene is Colby's solo and he admits he often wishes he could show Colby his ass and give in to his control. With an attitude like that it's only expected that the chemistry in this scene would be off the wall. But it is so much more than that.

As Colby slowly begins to take control of Carter it's hard to explain the expressions on his face. He's a little bit intimidated but also so excited and eager to please Colby that he can't hide the smile on his face. The clothes start to slowly come off to reveal Carter's ripped body and rock hard cock. However, what Colby wants the most is Carter’s big round bubble butt which he can’t seem to be able to get enough of. After lots of fingering, sucking, eating him out and then some more rimming Carter tells Colby "I'm ready for this dick now" and then hops right on top of Colby. Riding that big dick seems like something Carter was born to do as he slides up and down on Colby’s massive cock. Nothing can stop Carter now and he is determined to drain every single last drop of cum from Colby's dick so he’s not afraid to take it balls deep and still beg for more. Finally Carter gets on all fours, bites down on Colby's forearm, and begins to moan with pleasure until he can't hold it anymore. Seeing all the cum shoot out of Carter's cock combined with his tight hole makes Colby shoot one of the biggest loads he’s ever shot. This one is definitely for the books.

Jake Jaxson

Models Featured in this Scene

Carter Dane Carter Dane Colby Keller Colby Keller

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pastelcarnation on 03/15/2016 great scene, I LOVE COLBY KELLER, carter is looking fibe too GR on 03/15/2016 Charm, quite charm! I love carter's tearing eyes! I love his killer shape! I love the curve of his back! They are sooo sweet. Little Star on 03/15/2016 I'm not one for writing reviews but I couldn't resist this time. This scene is beyond hot and it is definitely going onto my Top 5 Faves list! Colby is fantastic as always - you can never go wrong with him :) As for Carter - damn! What an intro to CBs!! He was so adorable and charming during the interview that you couldn't help but like him instantly. Carter's chemistry with Colby - that was off the charts!! This scene deserves a rewatch (or two or three) and I look forward to seeing more of Carter in the future ;) Inmydreams on 03/15/2016 THIS IS THE BEST SCENE ON THE SITE!!!! I cannot even explain how much I loved this. Colby was amazing as always and the new guy Carter is absolutely beautiful. gvit2me on 03/15/2016 sweet goodness gracious. that was remarkable. never seen anything quite so beautiful. I'll watch this one for years to come(cum). Midnight on 03/15/2016 That was amazing! Carter is so beautiful!!! Colby is sexy as always...this was a perfect 10! Stu72 on 03/16/2016 Going by the photos on twitter much was promised by this video and boy did it deliver. Carter is not only gorgeous but utterly charming in the interview and his interest in working with Colby was obvious. The chemistry between the guys was instant, the passion rising between them until the explosive ending (what a cumshot that was from Colby). This is going to be another for my top 10 of all time. Angelo on 03/16/2016 Skin contrast and lighting are perfect! And of course the guys are HOT as hell :) Adam on 03/16/2016 AWESOME, OUTSTANDING, scene! PLEASE, feature more of both models! Show More Comments

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Featuring: Lev Ivankov, Jack Hunter, Dillon Rossi, Kody Stewart, Levi Karter, Topher Dimaggio, Mickey Knox, Colby Chambers, Colby Keller, Carter Dane, Gabriel Clark, Ashton Summers, Ricky Roman, Boomer Banks, Adam Ramzi, Liam Riley & Tegan Zayne

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