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Raw Summer Lovin'
4 Episodes in this series

Raw Summer Lovin'


Director: Jake Jaxson

Featuring: Troy Accola, Blake Mitchell, Sean Ford, Küper, Calvin Banks, Alam Wernik, Aiden Ward & Nico Leon

Description: The sunshine, breeze and warmth of summer make for a very sexy setting. These boys have one thing on their minds: taking every opportunity to have the hottest sex imaginable. Blake Mitchell heads a cast of guys that do just that! Enjoy!


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Küper & Sean Ford New Release | 26 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Küper & Sean Ford

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Featuring: Küper & Sean Ford

Description: Sean Ford & Küper both have developed the confidence to go after who they like and what they want and that's one big factor in bringing them together in this condom-less outdoor scene. Merely lounging together, kissing & caressing each other gets them hard and Küper starts stroking Sean gently. It's Sean who ignites the fire by taking out Küper's thick cock, going down on him and savoring every inch. Soon Küper reaches around & probes Sean's tight hole and wants in..which excites an affectionate Sean even more. And after fingering & spit-lubing him, Küper lays Sean on his back and slides in his shaft. He pounds Sean fast & deep and drives his cock in and out so perfectly that he makes Sean cum hands free! Sean doesn't want him to stop and so Küper drills him from the side so he [more....]

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Summer Starts Today: Blake Mitchell & Troy Accola New Release | 28 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Summer Starts Today: Blake Mitchell & Troy Accola

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Featuring: Blake Mitchell & Troy Accola

Description: It's summer fun for Blake Mitchell & Troy Accola! They both love this sexy time of year and have an extra reason to love it. After years of liking each other they finally meet and fulfill their sexy fantasies in this outdoor condom-free scene! In spite of all the anticipation they take it slow, kissing & playing with each other. Even when he gets the go-ahead, Troy mouth-teases Blake's cock, then and sucks him deep and slow, making Blake desire him more. Blake stands above Troy and verbally guides him along as he sucks his balls & chokes on his fantasy cock. Blake soon eagerly gives back, slobbering on his juicy knob and deep sucking an overjoyed Troy. After making out Blake turns over Troy and tongue fucks him until he's more than ready for his cock. Blake slides in and buries his [more....]

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Alam Wernik & Calvin Banks New Release | 28 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Alam Wernik & Calvin Banks

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Featuring: Alam Wernik & Calvin Banks

Description: Alam Wernik has dreamed about being with Calvin Banks since first he saw him on Instagram and though they've met and made out before, this condom-free outdoor scene is their FIRST time together! They make out again here & get excited and while Alam knows Calvin is hung. he's still in awe when gets it. He excitedly goes down deep on Calvin's long hard cock, and sucks each of low-hanging big balls. In turn Calvin loves the slobbering, sloppy attention and slightly dominating him. Calvin turns his attention Alam's big bubble butt which he eats out and fingers. Calvin soon learns Alam's ass was ready for him yesterday. It swallows up Calvin's cock and Alam works his hole on him, prompting Calvin to deeply pound the very vocal bottom with gleeful lust. They go back and forth like this [more....]

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Aiden Ward & Nico Leon New Release | 18 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Aiden Ward & Nico Leon

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Featuring: Aiden Ward & Nico Leon

Description: There's more condom-free fun at the Camp CockyBoys pool, this time with Nico Leon & Aiden Ward! After getting Aiden hard & teasing him, Nico gets him to suck him while floating atop the huge peacock pool inflatable. Soon Aiden climbs aboard the raft to relentlessly suck Nico so well that Nico just has to pleasure him right back. BUT, Aiden wants more. Aiden flips over Nico to rim his hot ass and get it wet for fucking...just as Nico begs. Aiden slides in his cock and fucks him slow and deep, but soon picks up speed with a rhythm created by the rocking pool toy. And actually Aiden's pounding propels the raft forward in the water. After deep drilling him, Aiden flips Nico over on his back to propel them into the middle of the pool! Eventually they return to the shallow end where [more....]


Küper Küper
Sean Ford Sean Ford
Blake Mitchell Blake Mitchell
Troy Accola Troy Accola
Alam Wernik Alam Wernik
Calvin Banks Calvin Banks
Aiden Ward Aiden Ward
Nico Leon Nico Leon

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