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Alam Wernik

Alam Wernik

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Alan Wernik has risen from social media star and producer of his own erotica to full-fledged porn star and through it all has maintained his enigmatic mystique. The athletic and joyfully energetic muscular & photogenic blond from South America is the person you see on screen. But he's also a lover of music and dancing. In fact he will say that music gives him life. You may not no much about his private life but his motto says a lot: "Love the Life you live, Live the life you love !"

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georgep2 on 06/04/2019 I am a fan. Fan on 06/04/2019 more of this guy ?dr on 06/05/2019 So fucking cute... Lucifier on 06/09/2019 Finally an asian (well half asian) on cockyboys. Dan2019 on 07/04/2019 Very hot! Carlstud on 07/04/2019 He is gorgeous! Please I want more scenes featuring him! rboysen on 07/04/2019 This dude is awful! Everything he says he has learned from watching gay porn before he became a model. He isn't even cute! I don't understand what anyone sees in this person! Horny AF on 07/06/2019 Really cute. A welcome addition to Cockyboys in my opinion! Rucula on 07/14/2019 This guy IS cute and gorgeous. Great that he's at COCKYBOYS now. Ffmguy on 01/10/2020 Will there be more scenes with alam? He‘s such a hot guy.

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