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Insatiable Raw Holes
4 Episodes in this series

Insatiable Raw Holes


Director: Jake Jaxson

Featuring: Carter Dane, Daniel Evans, Gabriel Clark, Avery Jones, Kane Fox, Alex Gonzalez, Roman Todd & Ari Avanti

Description: Ari Avanti leads a cast of raw power bottoms that just love to get fucked. Carter Dane doesn’t miss a step keeping up with newbie Daniel Evans, riding his thick raw cock. Ari gets a chance to be manhandled by veritable adonis Roman Todd; his puckered hole loves to be punished. Not to be outdone, Avery Jones eggs Gabriel Clark on, making the stud stretch his very tight hole. Alex Gonzalez makes a powertop out of Kane Fox, taking him deep. These boys couldn’t get enough of RAW DICK! Enjoy!


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Carter Dane & Daniel Evans New Release | 30 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Carter Dane & Daniel Evans

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Featuring: Carter Dane & Daniel Evans

Description: Super sexy Dan Evans makes his CockyBoys debut with Carter Dane! Truly versatile Dan is into intense & sensual "heat of the moment" outdoor sex and he's excited to explore this with Carter.  Dan gets right into it, sitting back on the patio and sucking Carter & deep-throating him. Soon Carter returns the favor, going down on Dan's cock as it pokes out of his cut-offs and licking his nuts as Dan fingers Carter's bubble butt.  Dan is really excited now and after passionately kissing Carter, he lies him on his stomach to feast on his hole. Soon Carter spreads his cheeks apart for him and Dan's cock teases his hole before finally taking off his shorts. Dan wants to fuck but makes out a little bit more with Carter who gives him the go-ahead.  At that Dan slowly slides in his cock and [more....]

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Avery Jones & Gabriel Clark New Release | 26 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Avery Jones & Gabriel Clark

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Featuring: Avery Jones & Gabriel Clark

Description: At last, Avery Jones gets "Clark'd" by the inimitable Gabriel Clark! Avery is VERY happy about it too, proclaiming as he steps out of a post-sex shower. At first Gabriel & Avery tease each other, playing with their bulging crotches as they look at each other. But soon, Avery comes in for a passionate kiss and before long he has Gabriel's cock in his mouth and shows him how good a deep-throating cocksucker he is. Naturally Gabriel loves it and returns the favor, picking up Avery and sitting him on a countertop to suck him and finger & rim his hole. When Avery is turned sideways, Gabriel graduates from ass-eating to fucking him, from the side and on his back. Gabriel is just getting started though. He sits down and after Avery sucks him some more, Gabriel has him ride his cock. [more....]

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Alex Gonzalez & Kane Fox New Release | 27 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Alex Gonzalez & Kane Fox

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Featuring: Alex Gonzalez & Kane Fox

Description: Introducing New Exclusive Alex Gonzalez! While shooting our new feature, GAME ON (being released later this month) I had the opportunity to meet Alex. My intention was to cast him in the project we were shooting, but we were unable to make it happen at the time — instead, we invited him to the US for the first time to film with one of his CockyBoys Crush, Kane Fox!! Of course, Kane just had to be his first scene partner and we are very excited he’s the one to introduce Alex to you. And, as you'll see their chemistry is so strong that they just can't wait to get things going.  Alex likes a slow & sensual start and Kane begins by kissing him passionately, working his way down his washboard abs and sucking his cock while savoring every inch. Alex soon gets his chance to reciprocate [more....]

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Ari Avanti & Roman Todd New Release | 27 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Ari Avanti & Roman Todd

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Featuring: Ari Avanti & Roman Todd

Description: In the new year Ari Avanti striving to be more spontaneous, changing things up sexually and offering himself up ready to be fucked and controlled. So, when Roman Todd enters, he finds a hot surprise waiting for him: limber Ari with his legs up in the air, his wrists & ankles bound and his hole exposed.  Just as Ari wants, Roman consumes his hole and finger fucks him deep. Soon Ari wants a taste of Roman's cock and gets it all. Roman feeds and face fucks Ari while continuing to finger and spit lube his hole. That makes Ari want Roman's cock inside him even more and as soon as he says it, Roman gives it to him and plows him deep. Tough-talking Roman relishes his dominance and takes Ari out of bondage and to the bed so he can suck Roman with unfettered service. As Ari deep sucks [more....]


Carter Dane Carter Dane
Daniel Evans Daniel Evans
Avery Jones Avery Jones
Gabriel Clark Gabriel Clark
Alex Gonzalez Alex Gonzalez
Kane Fox Kane Fox
Ari Avanti Ari Avanti
Roman Todd Roman Todd

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