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Boy Bangers
4 Episodes in this series

Boy Bangers


Director: Jake Jaxson

Featuring: Levi Karter, Greg McKeon, Austin Wolf, Küper, Gabriel Clark, Wess Russel, Brock Banks & Avery Jones

Description: CockyBoys Avery Jones and Brock Banks show us how they fuck when Avery rides Brocks thick cock without abandon. Brock’s topping prowess is matched by Austin Wolf, Greg McKeon and Gabriel Clark’s hungry pounding of their respective boys Kuper, Levi Karter, and Wess Russel.


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Greg McKeon & Levi Karter New Release | 27 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Greg McKeon & Levi Karter

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Featuring: Greg McKeon & Levi Karter

Description: Levi Karter is back to welcome Greg McKeon for his first CockyBoys appearance! Greg is excited to be here with Levi who is just his you'll see once they make out in a sensual, near-romantic manner. Greg gets rock hard fast and just as quickly gets naked to vividly enjoy the Levi treatment: a full, enthusiastic deep-throated blowjob and ball sucking. And as Greg vocally relishes the pleasure he starts to play with Levi's hole. Greg turns his attention to giving back with some eager sucking of his own ..which gets Levi even more excited. In time Greg flips limber Levi's legs back so he can devour his tasty hole. Levi wants that hole filled and soon he nimbly mounts Greg and rides his cock hard & deep. And Levi keeps riding cock as strong & lusty Greg fucks him in mid-air. [more....]

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Küper & Austin Wolf New Release | 16 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Küper & Austin Wolf

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Featuring: Austin Wolf & Küper

Description: As he is held firmly by Austin Wolf, rock-hard Küper breathlessly tells him "I've been waiting for this for a long time". And just like that Küper is under his control in this non-condom scene. He grinds against Austin as they neck and doesn't hesitate when told to get on his knees. Küper eagerly sucks Austin who periodically holds his head as he trains him to deep-throat his cock. Austin loves it ---and so does Küper. Austin takes Küper into a into 69 and as he's sucked deep, Austin sucks him back and rims & fingers his hole to get him ready for fucking. He plows Küper and soon gets him up on his knees and hold him tight to watch himself in the mirror being dominated. That just makes Küper harder and excites Austin to drill him more, flip him on his back, pound him and [more....]

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Gabriel Clark & Wess Russel New Release | 29 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Gabriel Clark & Wess Russel

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Featuring: Gabriel Clark & Wess Russel

Description: Wess Russel is next in line to be "Clark'd" and Gabriel Clark knows exactly how to work his powers of seduction to make it happen. Kissing Wess all over and engaging him in dirty talk leads Gabriel to passionately suck his thick cock and sensitive balls. It isn't long before Gabriel has Wess' legs is the air as he adds eating out his hole to his oral fest. After Gabriel levels up his passionate kissing, he really has Wess under his control. Wess eagerly lies on his back to feed on Gabriel's cock & balls and gets some 69 action and soon he's on his back taking his cock in a semi-sideways position Gabriel intuitively finds that pleasure point inside Wess and makes him squirm & moan while drilling him relentlessly.Gabriel soon pulls Wess off the bed to ride him as he sits in a chair [more....]

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Avery Jones & Brock Banks New Release | 22 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Avery Jones & Brock Banks

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Featuring: Avery Jones & Brock Banks

Description: Fortunately what happens in Vegas between CockyBoys exclusives Brock Banks & Avery Jones doesn't stay in Vegas! After hanging out together in Sin City the guys cozy up in their hotel room and after Brock smooches it up with Avery, he lustfully goes for the pink hole offered up to him. Using his luscious lips & tongue Brock spends time giving Avery total pleasure before teasing him with his fat cock ...which Avery grabs and guides in on his own. Avery fucks himself deep on Brock's cock but in time Brock takes over, getting nude fucking him on his back...with his jeans still on! Brock gives Avery the full thrust of his cock, all the way in & out and when it isn't inside him Avery fingers his hole to keep it stimulated. After power fucking him Brock sits back and gets Avery to suck [more....]


Greg McKeon Greg McKeon
Levi Karter Levi Karter
Austin Wolf Austin Wolf
Küper Küper
Gabriel Clark Gabriel Clark
Wess Russel Wess Russel
Avery Jones Avery Jones
Brock Banks Brock Banks

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