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Big Dicks Going Deep
4 Episodes in this series

Big Dicks Going Deep

Rhyheim Shabazz's CockyBoys Debut!


Director: Jake Jaxson

Featuring: Cory Kane, Freddie Daze, Carter Dane, Shane Cook, Sean Zevran, Rhyheim Shabazz, Gabriel Clark & Drew Dixon

Description: Rhyheim Shabazz made a splash at CockyBoys when he reunited with porn megastar Sean Zevran. Their scene, featuring Rhyheim’s massive cock, left all us wishing we were on the receiving end. We’ve made a volume including Shane Cook, Gabriel Clark & Carter Dane that will make us want big dicks going deep in us!


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Cory Kane & Freddie Daze New Release | 20 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Cory Kane & Freddie Daze

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Featuring: Cory Kane & Freddie Daze

Description: Cory Kane hooks up with Freddie Daze, another hot fellow Canadian in his CockyBoys debut! The guys chatted on social media and were excited to get together for thir condom-free scene...which is obvious from Freddie's big boner as they make out. Cory eagerly pulls off Freddie's gym shorts and sucks him, compelled to also use BOTH hands to take care of his super-thick cock. As a result Freddie is in a state of prolonged pleasure. Cory finally gets naked to make out with Freddie and inch his hole ever so close to his cock, but Freddie wants to rim him first. After eating him out, Freddie works his cock into Cory and drills him. He pounds him deep in a variety of ways and with every thrust Cory moans louder. Freddie isn't about to neglect Cory's cock either and takes a break to suck and [more....]

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Carter Dane & Shane Cook New Release | 27 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Carter Dane & Shane Cook

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Featuring: Carter Dane & Shane Cook

Description: Shane Cook & Carter Dane enjoy condom-free morning with four cumshots even before they have breakfast! Shane's morning wood needs such attention he can't wait for Carter who's sleeping next to him! BUT, the rustling of Shane stroking under the sheets rouses Carter, who's just as horny. So much so that after they give each other blowjobs they stroke each other with Shane milking a load out of Carter and shooting his own over Carter's chest. Carter goes back to sleep but Shane is still horny and goes off to watch porn alone and jack off. He's not alone for long because Carter wakes up hard too and pleasures himself before joining Shane. Kisses lead to Carter to relentlessly suck Shane and drive him wild. And, after lusting for his ass Shane finally gets to rim Carter as he sits on his [more....]

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Gabriel Clark & Drew Dixon New Release | 25 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Gabriel Clark & Drew Dixon

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Featuring: Drew Dixon & Gabriel Clark

Description: International star Drew Dixon makes his long awaited CockyBoys debut, excited to be here and bottom for Gabriel Clark! Self-proclaimed absolute exhibitionist Drew not only teases Gabriel with his cute ass he does facing the picture window. Gabriel does some teasing of his own by fingering, rimming and cock-teasing Drew's hole before turning him around to sensuously suck his cock. After a little making out Drew hungrily goes down on Gabriel and is rewarded with the kind of passionate kissing he loves. And while Drew is still swooning Gabriel turns him around to fuck him up against the window. Gabriel's deep thrusts are met with Drew working his hole on Gabriel's cock and soon he's wrapped in his arms. Gabriel takes Drew to bed to plow him from the side, allowing them to continue [more....]

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Rhyheim Shabazz & Sean Zevran New Release | 25 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Rhyheim Shabazz & Sean Zevran

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Featuring: Rhyheim Shabazz & Sean Zevran

Description: Sean Zevran & Rhyheim Shabazz are together again...for the first time at CockyBoys! In this condom-free rematch Sean returns to welcome Rhyheim, self-produced porn star and though they've filmed before, they have all the enthusiasm of first timers. Their friendly but powerful sexual chemistry abounds from the start as Sean gulps down Rhyheim's long boner while Rhyheim fingers and devours Sean's big muscular ass...and neither can get enough! At one point Rhyheim lifts Sean upside down while rimming him and Sean sucks him back in a vertical 69 before they're in horizontal position Sean taking as much cock in his throat while Rhyheim eats his ass. Soon it's just Sean sucking him deep, with a little help, before Rhyheim gets behind him and drills down on his wet hole. Rhyheim owns Sean's [more....]


Cory Kane Cory Kane
Freddie Daze Freddie Daze
Carter Dane Carter Dane
Shane Cook Shane Cook
Drew Dixon Drew Dixon
Gabriel Clark Gabriel Clark
Rhyheim Shabazz Rhyheim Shabazz
Sean Zevran Sean Zevran

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