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Big Dicks Going Deep Vol 2
4 Episodes in this series

Big Dicks Going Deep Vol 2

Hung Guys that Love to make their Bottoms Whimper


Director: Jake Jaxson

Featuring: Aiden Ward, Shane Cook, Cory Kane, Brock Banks, Gabriel Clark, Carter Dane, Alex Mecum & Drew Dixon

Description: We’ve assembled another group of hung guys that love to make their bottoms wimper while pounding them raw. Brock Banks, Alex Mecum & Shane Cook lead the cast of hung tops looking to please their boys. Enjoy!


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Aiden Ward & Shane Cook New Release | 33 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Aiden Ward & Shane Cook

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Featuring: Aiden Ward & Shane Cook

Description: Shane Cook & Aiden Ward are into each other from the get-go,especially when their desires mesh: Aiden wants to be controlled & manhandled and that's just what Shane likes. Wrapped in his arms Aiden is extra-excited watching this and everything going forward happen in the mirror. As Shane grinds his bulging crotch against him he releases Aiden's big boner and it isn't long before Shane is choking him the way he wants it while Aiden jacks his cock excitedly. Shane soon sits back and gets Aiden show him his hole so he can play with it while Aiden teases his cock. After a little more passionate manhandling makes Aiden even harder, Shane takes the challenge of sucking & swallowing his big dick. He perseveres prompting Aiden to take the "bigger" challenge of sucking Shane's beercan cock. [more....]

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Brock Banks & Cory Kane New Release | 22 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Brock Banks & Cory Kane

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Featuring: Brock Banks & Cory Kane

Description: Brock Banks brings his style of passionate dominance to Cory Kane and soon figures out just how naughty he can get with him in this condom-free scene. Soon after seducing Cory with kisses from his luscious lips, Brock feeds him his cock and face-fucks him just enough so that Cory wants more. And he feasts on Brock's uncut cock even more when they move to the bed, locked in a hungry 69. Even when Brock takes a break in the middle of their 69 Cory keeps on sucking but soon enough Brock takes his dominance up a notch. After he flips Cory over with a hearty ass slap he ties his wrists behind his back and proceeds to eat out his ass and suck his cock from behind. And after cock-teasing his hole Brock starts fucking Cory, begging to have his hole used. He pounds his ass harder and [more....]

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Carter Dane & Gabriel Clark Redux New Release | 18 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Carter Dane & Gabriel Clark Redux

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Featuring: Carter Dane & Gabriel Clark

Description: Lightning strikes twice as Carter Dane & Gabriel Clark reunite in a condom-free scene four years after their first sizzling hot time together! As they catch up the excitement builds and their chemistry reignites once Carter takes the lead and they make out passionately. Gabriel's lips soon move to Carter's succulent nipples and before long he has his first brief taste of his bubble butt. With their mouths watering and their dicks hard Carter & Gabriel get into a full-throated 69 which soon propels then to go all the way. Gabriel gets Carter on his back and as his slow thrusts turn into deep ass pounding he brings an increasingly vocal and ecstatic Carter close to the edge. Gabriel decides to fuck doggy style and Carter happily obliges. The hard pounding makes Carter moan [more....]

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Alex Mecum & Drew Dixon New Release | 30 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Alex Mecum & Drew Dixon

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Featuring: Alex Mecum & Drew Dixon

Description: Drew Dixon continues his Cocky Boys buffet with Alex Mecum, who fits Drew's type in many ways including their mutual interest in the simple pleasure of touch. Drew takes his time sensually kissing, touching & worshiping Alex's sculpted body and Alex responds in kind. Even as they get naked their sensual body-to-body foreplay continues until Drew can wait no longer and begins to slowly suck Alex's pulsating boner. Drew savors every inch of Alex's cock and makes him writhe in pleasure, but Alex has more pent-up foreplay to deliver. He engulfs Drew with his body, holding him tight and kissing him everywhere before Alex's mouth descends on his cock. After a while Alex raises the bar with an acrobatic 69 that gives them both deep pleasure. Soon Drew's hole draws Alex's attention and Drew [more....]


Aiden Ward Aiden Ward
Shane Cook Shane Cook
Brock Banks Brock Banks
Cory Kane Cory Kane
Carter Dane Carter Dane
Gabriel Clark Gabriel Clark
Alex Mecum Alex Mecum
Drew Dixon Drew Dixon

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