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Beautiful Raw Boys
3 Episodes in this series

Beautiful Raw Boys


Director: Jake Jaxson

Featuring: Avery Jones, Kane Fox, Zeke Wood, Blake Dyson, Tannor Reed, Leo Louis, Dallas Preston & Daniel Evans

Description: Tannor Reed is joined by some of our delectable boys in this RAW volume! This includes Leo Louis and his HUGE cock making Tannor whimper. Dallas Preston doesn’t waste any time swallowing Daniel Evans thick cock and riding it raw! Blond bottom Blake Dyson moans when Zeke Wood’s raw cock stretches him wide while Avery Jones gets ROCK HARD as Kane Fox pounds his bubble butt. You couldn’t have asked for a better package!


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Avery Jones & Kane Fox New Release | 26 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Avery Jones & Kane Fox

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Featuring: Avery Jones & Kane Fox

Description: Kane Fox is definitely worth waiting Avery Jones will show you here. He patiently luxuriates in a bathtub anticipating Kane's arrival and when he shows up, Avery lights up. They subtly flirt as they get to know each other and as Kane plays with Avery's feet. Kane accepts Avery's invitation to join him in the tub and they continue to open up to each other while hands begin to wander. Finally, the dealbreaker moment arrives and they kiss, finding out their attraction has a clearly compatible path forward. They linger on slow, sensual making out until Kane sits on the tub's edge with his cock throbbing. Avery fondles it with his foot which Kane loves, but they both agree Avery needs to suck it. Avery gives Kane a thorough & deep sucking and he's rewarded by Kane's total [more....]

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Blake Dyson & Zeke Wood New Release | 26 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Blake Dyson & Zeke Wood

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Featuring: Blake Dyson & Zeke Wood

Description: Zeke Wood has a romantic side and he brings it out for someone special: Blake Dyson! At the pool house he pretties up the porch and the double-sized chaise lounge, lights a fire in the outdoor hearth, and invites over Blake. Touched by the attention and taken by Zeke's hotness, Blake can't resist kissing him and in no time, shirts come off and Blake goes down on Zeke. His enthusiastic cocksucking is just what Zeke likes and Blake sucks his balls in eager response to Zeke's soft-spoken commands. Zeke is excited to reciprocate and suck Blake, who is inspired to spout some sex talk of his own. But Zeke really wants to eat his ass and he goes to town on it while Blake goes back to deep-sucking Zeke's big dick. But after Zeke uses his fingers to probe his hole, Blake's need to have his cock [more....]

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Leo Louis & Tannor Reed New Release | 28 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Leo Louis & Tannor Reed

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Featuring: Leo Louis & Tannor Reed

Description: Two BIG deals in one scene! At last, Tannor Reed returns and he takes on Leo Louis making his first video Cocky Boys home base in the US! They're both super-happy to be here and thrilled to be with each other...and their respective talents.  Once they start kissing, Tannor feels the prominent bulge in Leo's briefs grow so big he can barely hold it and it threatens to tear through the cloth. Still, he mouth-teases it a little bit more before Leo takes it out and lets Tannor show just how much he loves it.  Tannor licks and sucks cock and eagerly takes more as it's fed to him and promises Leo that if he likes his mouth, he'll like his hole even more. Tannor sits atop Leo to make out with him as he plays with his ass but gets into position to experience Leo's ass-eating talents. [more....]


Avery Jones Avery Jones
Kane Fox Kane Fox
Blake Dyson Blake Dyson
Zeke Wood Zeke Wood
Leo Louis Leo Louis
Tannor Reed Tannor Reed

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