A Man & His Boy 2
4 Episodes in this series

A Man & His Boy 2


Director: Jake Jaxson

Featuring: Chris Loan, Alam Wernik, Nico Leon, Max Konnor, Ty Mitchell, Brock Banks, Sean Ford & Austin Wolf

Description: We bring you another volume of hot hunks STRETCHING open their younger partners, RAW! These men tease and patiently put our boys through their paces. Whether it’s a tender session or an aggressive pounding, these young men surely appreciate the virility of their partners. Enjoy.


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Alam Wernik & Chris Loan New Release | 18 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Alam Wernik & Chris Loan

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Featuring: Alam Wernik & Chris Loan

Description: "One kiss changes everything" So says Alam Wernik when he kisses Chris Loan and their mutual attraction becomes a hot connection in this condom-free scene. Their kisses trigger Alam to suck Chris' fat uncut cock with wildly uninhibited lust. And this lust grows even stronger when he watches himself in the mirror and Chris spanks his gyrating bubble butt. Even when Alam sits on Chris' rock hard abs and feeds him cock he can't keep his hands off Chris' hard-on. He guides the raw cock into his whole and watches himself ride it. Chris is triggered too and soon thrusts up into an increasingly vocal Alan like a piston. A slight shift in position doesn't slow them down but soon Chris wants to eat Alam's tasty ass. Once Chris gets his smooth ass primed he pounds Alam from behind, [more....]

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Nico Leon & Max Konnor New Release | 22 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Nico Leon & Max Konnor

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Featuring: Max Konnor & Nico Leon

Description: Nico Leon & Max Konnor finally met at the CockyBoys pool party and hit it off so they just knew they had to do a scene. And not just any scene! In this condom-free outdoor scene Max makes new by sucking cock! First though, Nico charms Max & tantalizes his cock with enthusiastic deep-throating, devoted to "making him feel good". After getting oral pleasure, Max takes his turn by rimming & fingering Nico's hole. Then turns him around and decides to make Nico feel good too by sucking him! Nico loves the attention so much it makes him even more eager to give Max his ass. Max fucks him deep and gets further, breathless vocal encouragement to throw his muscular body into his hard, deep thrusts. Nico then rides Max, working his hole to match his cock's thrusting action, much to Max's [more....]

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Brock Banks & Ty Mitchell New Release | 29 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Brock Banks & Ty Mitchell

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Featuring: Brock Banks & Ty Mitchell

Description: We're excited to welcome super-hot, charismatic Brock Banks, making his studio debut with CockyBoys..with Ty Mitchell doing the honors in this condom-free scene ! There's powerful sexual chemistry between the guys as they go from witty banter to passionately romantic making out. And once Brock reaches around and fingers Ty's butt hole, Ty gets Brock's thick uncut cock out to hungrily suck him to full erection. Brock lies back and vocally luxuriates in Ty's mouth and tongue work on his veiny shaft and foreskin and deep-throating. But Brock is hungry too and gets Ty to sit on his face so he can slobber on his hole. Ty watches himself in the mirror as he rides Brock's mouth but when he turns around & sees his cock he just has to start sucking it again. They dissolve into a full 69 but [more....]

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A Man and his Boy 2: Austin Wolf & Sean Ford New Release | 27 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

A Man and his Boy 2: Austin Wolf & Sean Ford

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Featuring: Austin Wolf & Sean Ford

Description: By popular demand, and their own, Austin Wolf takes on Sean Ford and collars him for some passionate dominance in a condom-free scene! Sean basks in the muscular arms of Austin who holds him close to kiss and fondle him and tighten the chain around his supple neck..which Sean loves. They sensuously make out and enjoy each other's bodies but soon Austin lies Sean on his tummy so he can eat out and probe his ass and suck-tease his cock. Sean loves Austin's ass play especially when he thumb-fucks him and is even more excited when Austin flips him around to feed him cock and face fuck him. Austin enjoys Sean's hole again and his deep-throating which he rewards with more kisses. After a simple request Sean eagerly sits on Austin's cock and rides him, grinding deep and bouncing up and [more....]


Alam Wernik Alam Wernik
Chris Loan Chris Loan
Max Konnor Max Konnor
Nico Leon Nico Leon
Brock Banks Brock Banks
Ty Mitchell Ty Mitchell
Austin Wolf Austin Wolf
Sean Ford Sean Ford

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