A CockyBoy Is ______.
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A CockyBoy Is ______.

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Director: Jake Jaxson

Featuring: Boomer Banks, Calvin Banks, Tegan Zayne, Jacen Zhu, Frankie Valentine & Justin Brody

Description: CockyBoys is proud to present the first installment of our newest erotic-doc series, exploring and defining the diversity of our unique performers. Don't let the blank space in the title fool you— "A CockyBoy is _____." showcases all the intricate talents and hobbies of our guys that fill in the other parts of their lives you may not necessarily see on camera.


A CockyBoy Is __________. Featuring Calvin Banks & Boomer Banks

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Featuring: Boomer Banks & Calvin Banks

Description: A Note from Jake Jaxson: A CockyBoy is _________. When we took over CockyBoys six years ago, we'd never run a membership web site before, we had no real experience producing gay adult entertainment, and everyone told us we were crazy—a perfect combination for total failure or smashing success. And today I can say we have achieved success. We’ve surpassed all of our expectations and goals: we continue to work with the best in the business, we are supported by a wonderfully diverse and engaged community of friends, fans and members, we are creatively inspired by our work, and we love what we do. All of this combined, in my option, helps create the true measure of success, and allows us to be PROUD of the work we do. Indeed, recognition and financial stability are often [more....]

A CockyBoy Is __________. Featuring Jacen Zhu & Tegan Zayne

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Featuring: Jacen Zhu & Tegan Zayne

Description: A Note from Jake Jaxson: I'm happy to present another installment of our erotic doc series A CockyBoy is _____. Throughout the year with this series, we hope to show a different side of the young men who work so hard to make CockyBoys what it has become today. When I first discovered Tegan Zayne, it was on Twitter. And like many others, I fell in love with his "come what may" personality -- his one liners, zingers, observations and social commentary. Tegan's rise in the adult business was quick, starting at Chaos Men and from there signing as an exclusive at Raging Stallion and then last year coming over to work with us. When I first decided to make this film, I wanted the title to be "A CockyBoys is Brave" because when Tegan started working with us, he decided to move [more....]

A COCKYBOY IS __________ Featuring Frankie V & Justin Brody

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Featuring: Frankie Valentine & Justin Brody

Description: The inimitable Frankie V returns to Cocky Boys and becomes the newest subject for the "A CockyBoy Is _____" spotlight series. The word for Frankie is "empowered" because, as he explains he took a little time out to do more things for himself. This form of fun therapy included getting more in shape and as a result he gained more self-confidence and the motivation to take more pictures of himself. As a more "empowered" person Frankie can readily see what he likes in Justin Brody beyond his physical attraction. For Frankie it's also Justin's relaxed personality coupled with his dominant presence. One look from him as they sit across from each other and Frankie knows Justin means business. As Frankie strokes his thick cock, Justin hovers over him and lets out several long trails of saliva [more....]


Boomer Banks Boomer Banks
Calvin Banks Calvin Banks
Jacen Zhu Jacen Zhu
Tegan Zayne Tegan Zayne
Frankie Valentine Frankie Valentine
Justin Brody Justin Brody

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woodbuck on 09/02/2017 Hey guys, it's about time we get to see some blonds. all cockyboys are hot, but, its time to change it up a bit............just thinkin..........

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