Ricky Roman & Beaux Banks!

Featuring Beaux Banks & Ricky Roman

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Released: 05/12/2017 Categorized Under: Hung & Big Dicks, Power Bottoms Featuring: Beaux Banks & Ricky Roman

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Ricky Roman and Beaux Banks' flirtatious energy is immediately palpable as they start to make out, Beaux talking about how he used to watch Ricky's videos, and Ricky admiring and carressing Beaux's body. As Ricky carresses Beaux's body, admiring his ass, he gives it his stamp of approval by slapping it while he kisses the back of Beaux's neck.

Beaux starts sucking Ricky's hard cock, Ricky moaning with pleasure. Then Ricky turns Beaux around, worshipping his lushious ass with his tongue. Finally, Beaux is so ready to have his hole filled, almost begging for it as Ricky slips his huge dick into Beaux. Beaux's face is pure pleasure as he takes every inch of Ricky's cock, hungry for every bit of it. Beaux is so rock hard as he starts to grind against Ricky, his ass moving every which way as Ricky stands still, and Beaux rides Ricky's cock like his ass has a mind of its own. Beaux says, "This is a fucking dream come true," as he takes control of Ricky's cock.

Ricky continues to fuck Beau on the couch in multiple positions, sometimes Ricky taking control, sometimes Beaux taking control with his beautiful ass, until finally Ricky cums all over Beaux's face, and Beaux slurping up every bit of it. Beaux's wish really did come true!

Jake Jaxson

Models Featured in this Scene

Beaux Banks Beaux Banks Ricky Roman Ricky Roman

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Shelbyjordan1 on 05/14/2017 Omg!!!! Have been patiently waiting to see this & GOD DAMN it did not dissapoint!!! Ricky is one if the best but Mr banks ass...... No wonder why Ricky was fucking him in any way he could!!! one that will go in the favorites list for sure!!! FINALLY! on 05/14/2017 I've been waiting for this scene with two of my favorite Cockyboys. I wasn't disappointed. They are fire! Atafafnir on 05/14/2017 What an intense fucking. Beaux got control of every inch of Ricky´s cock and used it for his onturning ride. Perfect hip movements to get heaven on earth. Enjoyed shots and cum action. One of the best CB vids. quiet1 on 05/14/2017 I don't know how every scene from Cockyboys studios simultaneously has settings that consistently look like they have been picked from designer homes magazines while also featuring the amazing selection of perfection in sexy sizzling human form that are the men working with Cockyboys. Beaux and Ricky are such bright, charming and delightful individuals and the chemistry and how they were turning each other on with everything they did, from the first look I was giddy and grinning while also being so turned on. This was definitely worth the anticipation. LolaMare69 on 05/14/2017 WOW! That's why Cockyboys is unique! Passion, Lust, good hard Sex compared with affection and caressing...What an amazing couple! Beaux is so cute and Ricky's dominating side - wow!!! Yes a fucking dream come true!!! Please more, more, more Mrs Roman on 05/14/2017 Wow!! That was absolute perfection My fave CockyBoy Ricky Roman at his sexy best & the gorgeous Beaux Banks & his fangirling over Ricky was the icing on the cake for me Amazing chemistry between these 2 beautiful men Definitely in my top 5 favorite scenes. Congrats on another spectacular production pastelcarnation on 05/14/2017 this was GOOD !!!! Love Ricky and Beaux both so sexy and flirty, they both have amazing bodies. great job guys. James8 on 05/15/2017 Nice, genuine looking chemistry. Beaux's personality is engaging, and his kicking his legs in happiness at the end was like a kid getting a new bike he had been waiting for! And he clearly was waiting for, and wanting Ricky to consume him. I appreciate how Ricky's personality seems to be developing onscreen in the last few clips. That's really great. meowmmycat on 05/15/2017 Beaux, you are even more #BEAUXdacious than usual. Ricky brings out the sex kitten in you. You are my fave new Cockyboy....HANDS DOWN. The way you respond to Ricky is unbelievably sexy. Ricky, what can I say? I bow down to the master! Great Chemistry! #GPSAAM APPROVED!!!! Show More Comments

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