Gabriel Clark Fucks Kris Karr

Featuring Gabriel Clark & Kris Karr

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Released: 11/29/2016 Categorized Under: Body Hair, Hung & Big Dicks, Interracial, Men & Boys, Oral & Deep Throating, Twink, Uncut Featuring: Gabriel Clark & Kris Karr

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Kris Karr is visiting Montreal for the first time and he is completely smitten with Gabriel Clark. As the two of them explore the city and play a few games of Jenga at a local restaurant while sipping on some wine the chemistry between them keeps getting stronger by the minute.

At the end of the day Kris decided to invite Gabriel over to the place where he was staying at so they would hang out some more but this time without the clothes. This is when the real exploration finally begins. As they take each other’s clothes off Kris makes his way down to Gabriel’s hard cock, takes a lick, and exclaims "I fucking love your dick!"

He licks it up and down the shaft and sucks on Gabriel’s full ball sack before deepthroating that big cock again. The entire time Kris is leaking precum like crazy which makes Gabriel want to get a taste of Kris’ cock because as well all know precum makes Gabriel go nuts. As he gets down on his knees to taste Kris’ cock he can’t help but lick it all up which instantly puts a smile on his face.

Once Gabriel has licked up all of Kris’ precum he turns him around so he can go to town on his ass - Gabriel Clark style! Kris is clearly in heaven as he rolls his head around and moans in ecstasy while begging Gabriel to fuck him. Not that Gabriel needed Kris’ permission but he is a gentleman after all. Once Gabriel puts his cock inside Kris’ tight hole for the first time it’s pretty obvious that things are about to get rough.

Kris is loving every minute of it and Gabriel only keeps turning up the heat on Kris’ ass as he pounds him harder and harder with every thrust. Whether they’re lying in bed or leaning against the wall Gabriel shows Kris what being a damn good top is all about. And Kris of course shows his gratitude to Gabriel by covering himself with a big creamy load which Gabriel adds to by shooting one of the biggest Gabriel Clark loads the world has ever seen. Kris may have gotten Clark’d but Gabriel sure got Karr’d too!

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Gabriel Clark Gabriel Clark Kris Karr Kris Karr

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Kennaleigh on 11/29/2016 Gabriel Clark is amazing as usual! He's the perfect top, and he totally shines here. Loved everything about this! Adam on 11/30/2016 Love Gabriel as always, but really don't care much for Kris Karr. Upearly on 11/30/2016 Its too bad, Gabriel could not see the precum coming out of my cock while I was watching this clip, he would have been licking it up as well! I love the way Gabriel talks about liking Kris Karr precum and his cock and ass, such a turn on. Love watching Kriss getting fucked as well. pastelcarnation on 11/30/2016 Gabriel is always amazing. Kris Karr wasn't bad, I really liked the angles that the camera shot from on this scene. loved seeing Gabriel from behind. I love Gabriel, could watch him all day long. Doc on 11/30/2016 So adorable.......but shave that freaking mustache and goatee your face doesn't need it!!! Advent II on 11/30/2016 Clark and Karr are wonderful together. Clark is looking a little flabby in places, but that's an age issue and happens to all of us. He still looks wonderful, though, and knows what to do and how to do it. Thanks for another great show. HB on 11/30/2016 As always, Gabriel Clark is amazing! The way he fucks, the way he takes care of his partner...and what about that cumshot! Dang! montrealmike on 11/30/2016 Agree that the beautiful Gabriel is getting a bit flabby. Agree also that Kris is much better looking without the facial hair! But I still think that Kris is adorable. However, I preferred his performance with Damien Crosse. pj95126 on 12/01/2016 As for me, I'm way fine with Gabriel's current look. He looks like a 'real hunk' of a man, and not a Hollywood version. And it's so evident, he just really loves making love. To me, the facial hair on Kris makes him a bit more dashing.... Show More Comments

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