Dalton Briggs Fucks Dillon Rossi

Featuring Dalton Briggs & Dillon Rossi

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Released: 04/20/2015 Categorized Under: Hung & Big Dicks Featuring: Dalton Briggs & Dillon Rossi

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Director's Note from Jake Jaxson:
Hi y'all,

I'd like to introduce you to Dalton Briggs, our newest CockyBoy. When Dalton first contacted me and expressed interest in shooting with us, I was naturally excited -- he's a beautiful boy! But after talking more with him via text, I was even more excited. He was very focused, goal oriented, and wanted to put in the work necessary to becoming a top performer. On top of that, his story touched me -- he was orphaned as a young boy in Ukraine and spent his childhood in a Russian orphanage. He was eventually adopted and moved to Georgia.

When I finally did speak to Dalton by phone and then Skype, I was shocked to hear the slow-rolling drawl of his Southern accent -- a charming Cajun hybrid.

(Here is an example of what I grew up with)

I guess I was expecting some mix of Russian, but here I was talking to a boy who sounded just like all the kids I grew up with in South Louisiana. This was the boy I went camping, hunting, and fishing with. And in that moment, a flood of wonderful memories filled my mind. I was totally taken in by him.

He was confident but polite; he would listen and would deliberate before he'd respond; and much to my chagrin, he would say "yes sir" when addressing me as all good Southern boys do to their elders. And like so many Southern boys, myself included, he can be a gentleman by day and a ragin' Cajun at night -- a passionate troublemaker for whom the phrase "boys will be boys" was intended for.

I grew up with a pick-up truck, guns, and chew! And when I go back home, I'm back where I started -- a Southern boy "done good." My accent roars back as strong as ever along with our local slang -- "yes Ma'am," "yeah you right," "where you at," and "makin' groceries." Many folks love hearing a man with an accent -- it can be sexy indeed. But often, a Southern accent can be hard to get past, many equating it with a type of person, bias, or hate. Over the years, I softened mine. In fact, I did my best to hide it, not wanting to be judged as something I was not.

This slow-steady drawl is one of the many things I like about ol' Dalton, and I hope you do too. In reality, he's known hardship, upset, and pain unlike anything I have heard before, and yet he has an optimism and enthusiasm that has inspired me. He understands that there is no possibility if we live in the past -- and today, he's just a good ol' Southern boy chasing his dream! So y'all please welcome him to our pack of pups and give him some LOVE!

Y'all can find him on twitter at @DaltonBriggsxxx.

Love Always & Be Nice,

Jake Jaxson

Scene Description: Dillon Rossi was very excited to break in our newest CockyBoy, Dalton Briggs. Dalton is really the full package -- beautiful eyes and smile, a chiseled body, and an amazing uncut cock. He's also one of the most well-mannered, sweet, and confident CockyBoys to come through our doors, which of course made Dillon giddy with anticipation.

Though he might have been a little quiet at first, Dalton really let loose after Dillon flirted and grabbed hold of his cock. Before long, they were both hard and Dillon was eager to work over Dalton's dick with his mouth. Dalton happily returned the favor, not wanting to let Dillon's equally impressive cock go to waste!

You can tell from the look in Dillon's eyes that he'd been craving Dalton's dick inside him. And when Dillon finally started riding Dalton's cock, he was very verbal about how good it felt... and who could blame him?! Dalton's cock is enormous, and Dillon happily took it in several different positions before they both busted huge loads. This definitely qualifies as one of the hottest initiations in CockyBoys history!

Models Featured in this Scene

Dalton Briggs Dalton Briggs Dillon Rossi Dillon Rossi

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KMW on 04/20/2015 good one... it was great to see Dillon again. Dalton was good too, I liked it Leigh on 04/20/2015 OH so happy to see Dalton make the change to CB. He fits in so well and pairing him with Dillon was amazing. I love how into each scene Dillon gets, his talking is just the right amount- not too over the top. My only critique is the first set- it just looks amazingly uncomfortable and stark. I was so happy the encore took place in a bed. Very Hot! Welcome Dalton to CB. Would love to see Dalton with Liam btw. live4cockyboys on 04/20/2015 Just caught my breath after watching that one. Wow!! Of course always a huge Dillon fan, his versitility in unmatched, an amazing performer so expressive and passioate as both a top and bottom. Dalton welcome to Cockyboys!! A perfect mix of cock(y) and boy. I can't wait to see more of you!! Me on 04/20/2015 Dillon Dillon Dillon @JennyCrushes on 04/20/2015 After a crappy day, this was just what I needed! Very nice! Thank you! :o) gladysunquillo on 04/20/2015 bienvenido dalton..espero que tengas mucho exito..y dillonn dillon que placer verte..aunque se que sonare un poco loca..pero yo siempre estaré celosa de todas tus parejas..es que quiero verte otra vez con quien ya sabes en una tercera escena ..ja ja aunque eso solo sea una utopía...felicitaciones a todos por el gran trabajo realizado OzPinny on 04/20/2015 WOW! Welcome Dalton and that amazing body and soft kissable lips! And let's not forget the super sexy voice, I could have listened to him and Dillon talking all day. Is it weird that I find Dillon saying the "F" word insanely hot?? He has this super sweet voice and tone and it's like his dirty side is breaking out. The communication between the 2 was awesome and I literally swooned when Dalton stopped sucking Dillon and announced "I know you're enjoying this but I'm gonna eat dat ass now." I agree that the first part seemed a bit awkward but I am a sucker for bed scenes and Dillon was able to indulge his love for floor sex. Dillon coming with someone in his ass is always a treat and I was stoked to see it their second time around. Can't wait to see the evolution of Dalton, amazing as always guys :) xx Adam on 04/21/2015 Hot sex!! However, the ending was disappointing, with all of the cum wasted! SP88 on 04/21/2015 Loved it!! Welcome Dalton!! Great scene and Dillon was awesome as usual ;) very sexy Show More Comments

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