Dalton Briggs

Dalton Briggs

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Our new CockyBoy Dalton Briggs was born in Ukraine and later moved to the southern United States to live with foster parents. But he still remembers the snow outside the orphanage where he spent most of his childhood, and he still carries a hint of an eastern European accent. So you could definitely call Dalton a very interesting and cultured guy... that is, if you're able to distract yourself from the beauty of his chiseled body, intense blue eyes, and thick uncut cock. Dalton's definitely boyfriend material -- he loves to charm and nurture as much as he loves to fuck fast and rough! He's also a very authentic person, both on and off camera, and that's what makes him the perfect CockyBoy.

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User on 11/29/2015 I understand background is interesting, but I feel the part regarding his foster parents and being in an orphanage is a weird attempt at fetishizing his adolescence. In the vein of constructive feedback, CB can easily draw positive attention to his characteristics without making it necessary that he was once a ward of the state. User on 11/29/2015 He's totally a great guy, btw! As I'm sure many would agree, his accent is definitely an asset and he seems to have a nice vibe. D28 on 01/07/2016 how do I add someone to a favorite??????????????????????????????? german133 on 01/02/2018 Two hot guys that sure make it great Not sure who is best just me on 09/09/2018 hope he returns

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