Arad WinWin Dominates Marco Montgomery

Featuring Arad WinWin & Marco Montgomery

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Released: 01/03/2017 Categorized Under: Hung & Big Dicks, Men & Boys, Muscled, Oral & Deep Throating, Outdoors, Twink Featuring: Arad WinWin & Marco Montgomery

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Cockyboys newcomer Marco Montgomery likes the idea of being controlled when it comes to sex and this smooth and slender dude has no problem giving up his ass to the right guy. Arad WinWin's style is more dominant and he loves telling his partner what to do so it sounds like a match made in heaven!

These two start making out in the shower and Arad is quick to push Marco to his knees and tell him to suck cock. Marco has no problem obeying his alpha partner and quickly swallows that fat cock. Swirling his tongue around the head and shaft as Arad moans his approval. Arad lets Marco have his way with his cock then pulls him up and kisses him forcefully on the lips. Looking him in they eye with a look of complete control that is impossible to forgot.

He turns Marco around and fingers his ass as Marco whimpers and moans. The fingers are quickly replaced by Arad's rock hard cock and the two fuck standing up as the water splashes all over their bodies. Marco's cock is rock hard as Arad slams his ass from behind. These two are a perfect fit!

They shut off the shower and move the action by the pool where Arad bends Marcus over and eats his tight little twink asshole. Slurping and slopping his way around that sphincter then darting his tongue deep inside his buddy's body. Marco moans helplessly as Arad replaces his tongue with his cock and starts slamming his ass from behind.

The two fuck doggy style as the afternoon sun beats down on their perfect bodies. Arad slams Marcos ass for all he's worth and leaves the poor little twink whimpering with lusty desire. Arad flips the action around and sits back on the lounger as Marco sits on that cock and starts bobbing up and down.

Arade nibble and kisses at Arad's nipple as the smooth twink rides his cock and brings both of them to the brink. This little twink knows how to fuck and even Arad can't believe how good it feels! They look like they can go on forver when Marco announces that he's about to cum and his body shudders and spasms as the outrageous pleasure of orgasm takes him in its grip. His ass clenches down tight on Arad's cock while the pleasure courses through his body and that does the trick for Arad who pulls out and tells him to lick his balls while he shoots.

And does he ever shoot! Blast after blast of red hot cum shoot all over his muscular chest and rock hard abs and leave him glistening with the products of his own desire. Marco climbs back up on top and kisses him gently on the lips and says, "That was fucking hot."

Arad can only grunt his approval as the jizz cools on his belly. Amazing scene filled with pure animal passion and some of the most honest fucking you're going to see! Damn!

Jake Jaxson

Models Featured in this Scene

Arad WinWin Arad WinWin Marco Montgomery Marco Montgomery

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M on 01/03/2017 Arad is legit the hottest "newcomer" at Cockyboys in quite a while. More, more, more of him, please! I'd love to see him get paired with some other more muscular guys and not just with the twinks we've seen him with so far. zofingen on 01/03/2017 Nice shower fuck! hawk155 on 01/04/2017 What a waste of the magnificent Arad. I have been anxiously awaiting an update over the holidays only to have him coupled with yet another twink. What a huge pity, but thank you Jake for your superb work of 2016 and look forward with great expectation to your treats of 2017. In an era where quality gay porn is dying you remain a beacon. Now that you have teased us with the super hot Will Wikle and I hear he likes his men MUSCULAR AND MASCULINE his future pairings are eagerly anticipated. adam on 01/04/2017 Hot scene!! Both Arad and Marco are very pleasant to look at. Please, feature more of both. James8 on 01/04/2017 Meh... Figaro4me on 01/04/2017 Could watch Arad all day, that sexy voice & accent!! & oh god, that body... Welcome Marco to the Cockyboys family, another sexy voice, tall & beautiful body, & he likes Daddies!!!! Loved the shower at the begining, & when Marco was riding Arad on the chair, Arad's arms looked enormous around Marco, like they could snap him in half...Ggrrrr (slaps own face) Beautifully filmed by RJ, a good start to the new year.❤ Roger on 01/04/2017 I would love to see Arad pick up his partner by his legs up against a wall thrusting him I love this position and in missionary leaning low kissing and thrusting at the same time. Hope to see more of Arad he's amazing being the dominant top. This scene is so hot. smjeff on 01/05/2017 Absolutely beautiful! Great pairing! smjeff on 01/05/2017 Arad's cum shot was wonderful! Yeah! Show More Comments

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