Introducing Alex Killborn with Jack Rayder!

Featuring Alex Killborn & Jack Rayder

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Released: 03/14/2015 Categorized Under: Mini-Series, Specials & Goodies!, Twink Featuring: Alex Killborn & Jack Rayder

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Meet Alex, our newest addition to Cockyboys. He's a gogo dancer in NYC with our very own Levi Karter, and after being on the fence about being in porn, he's decided to do his very first scene with Jack Rayder. First thing you'll notice are his beautiful eyes. They're big and doe-like, and coupled with his initial nervousness, make for a very endearing introduction.

Once Alex and Jack got warmed up, the nerves vanished as the chemistry began to brew. Starting with some sensual kissing and dick rubbing, they moved to sucking each other off. Jack couldn't get enough of Alex's eyes, and makes him to look up at him while sucking his cock. Alex couldn't resist Jack's ass, so he fingers and eats Jack's perfect hole until Jack is ready to take his rock hard dick. They fuck each other hard in as many positions as they can think of, the whole time unable to take their eyes off of one another, talking about how good it feels.

Even though it's his first scene, Alex has no problem telling Jack how he likes it. And Jack, with his excitement in breaking in a new model, enjoys showing Alex the ropes and welcomes him into the Cockyboys fold like a champ!

Enjoy, Jake Jaxson

Models Featured in this Scene

Alex Killborn Alex Killborn Jack Rayder Jack Rayder

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Leigh on 03/15/2015 Welcome to cockyboys indeed. Jack is a force to be reckoned with, I can't get enough of him. Not only is he gorgeous, but he is so into his partners enjoyment as well. Just stunning to watch. Alex is a an exciting new addition, I hope he's versatile because the only thing that would have made this better is if they flipped. I look forward to seeing both of these men in more scenes. Also for the love of God please get Jack a scene with Colby- after seeing him with Gabriel I must see him with Colby. WLGP on 03/15/2015 So literally Leigh just said almost verbatim all of the thing I wanted to say about this scene. I do want to add that I would also love a scene with Jack/Tayte. Jack is the new Jake. gladysunquillo on 03/15/2015 es muy linda escena bienvenido alex tiene unos ojos preciosos...creo que cada modelo es individual,tiene su talento y lo demuestra en cada escena hay uno nuevo o uno de antes que venga a reemplazar a nadie cada uno es único es su forma y su esencia y así debemos disfrutarlos jakc ryder es jakc ryder....y jake siempre sera jake y colby sera colby asi como gabriel es gabriel..cada uno perfecto en su forma de hacer las cosas ..gracias RJ la calidad de la filmación es increíble FuerteRio on 03/15/2015 OMG!That's Awesome!!~!! -s on 03/15/2015 Welcome to CockyBoys, Alex, you are a natural. Jack was amazing, like always. PRAKNSTER on 03/15/2015 Love it! Two beautiful boys! Welcome Alex. You are gorgeous. Thanks for having the courage to share that with us guys! dorome on 03/15/2015 Wow! Alex and Jack are gorgeous together! Alex really has great eyes and despite him being a bit shy in the beginning, he really is amazing on camera later. Jack is becoming a favourite of mine. Great scene! Welcome to Cockyboys indeed! Cockyboysfan on 03/15/2015 Welcome Alex. Just beautiful. Jack, top job. Cockyboys, always a pleasure x Vince on 03/15/2015 Loved every second of this scene. Alex is beautiful. It is so much more than his huge eyes, though I can imagine how many hearts he will win with them alone. But what a nice body with such long lean legs. Absolutely stunning. I loved his combination of innocence with the constant biting of his lip to the clear way he enjoyed fucking Jack. And Jack was a perfect match for his debut. Handsome as ever. This is a scene I will watch many times. I love that Jack is finally getting more play and I hope this is the first of very, very many for Alex. Want to see him fucking over and over. Thank you guys for one of the best debuts ever. Indeed Welcome, Alex. Enjoy your stay. Show More Comments

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