Wesley Woods and Dustin Holloway Flip-Fuck

Featuring Dustin Holloway & Wesley Woods

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Released: 03/29/2016 Categorized Under: Boyfriends & Romance, Flip-Fucking, Muscled Featuring: Dustin Holloway & Wesley Woods

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This hot scene introduces you to two of our newest models in their CockyBoys debut -- Wesley Woods and Dustin Holloway. It's difficult where to start with these guys. They're both so handsome and energetic as individuals that you could just stare at them separately and still get off. However, it's their chemistry together that really raises the bar. I mean holy fuck... do these guys know what they're doing or what?! Wesley's a standup comedian and Dustin always seems to have a smile on his face, so they really got along well when they first met up in Montreal. There was a romantic walk in the park, a snowball fight, they tossed some coins into a fountain... and then it was back inside for a shower. As Wesley watered down, he kept sneaking glances at Dustin sitting on the bathtub a few feet away, admiring him through a glass barrier and jerking off at the very sight. Dustin soon approached the glass where the guys teased each other some more -- breathing steam, making out, rubbing their cocks against the glass -- before Wesley dried off and decided it was time for the real thing.

Being the slightly more aggressive one, Wesley propped Dustin onto the edge of the tub so he could suck his cock and look up deep into his eyes. Dustin brought him up for a kiss before Wesley went down and rimmed Dustin for the first time. Before getting fucked, however, Dustin wanted to give Wesley a blowjob to really get him in the mood. That certainly did the trick, because Dustin was soon back on all fours getting hammered deep by Wesley's thick rod doggy-style.

With Dustin being as well-endowed as he is, though, there was no way Wesley wasn't going to feel that cock inside him. Feeling the tightness of Wesley's hole was really getting Dustin close. And that was Wesley's cue to take back the reigns and skull-fuck Dustin before moving back into the more comfortable aggressor role and pile-driving the cum out of Wesley in missionary, his cock still firmly inside him. Wesley then jerked himself to climax looking on at Dustin's breathless body, his legs still tightly wrapped around his thighs.

Jake Jaxson

Models Featured in this Scene

Dustin Holloway Dustin Holloway Wesley Woods Wesley Woods

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Toby on 03/29/2016 Great chemistry here! Love the Flip Fuck. 2 very hot men who really enjoyed each other. I really loved the outside playfulness between these 2. It was like they were really boyfriends. Hey maybe they are. Thanks CB Todd on 03/29/2016 What a perfect pairing!! I can imagine HOW horny Wesley was! I love his hairy body an his beautiful eyes. Also perfect kissing scenes! more!!! Tara on 03/29/2016 So... waitaminute! How long have these two known each other? If they are just meeting then I have never seen chemistry like that before. Completely organic and fully charged, like they have been in love, or at least, lovers for a long time. It was really awesome to watch. It is now one of my favorites. I will watch again. Ghost on 03/30/2016 Good scene. Great chemistry between the two men. The only thing that took away from it was the weird camera shots/angles towards the end. For a few mins you couldn't tell if the men were having sex with each as they weren't in the same frame. That section seemed choppy. Otherwise good scene. More scenes like this where there is real chemistry and desire between the partners. Sometimes that is lacking in CB scenes. Tt on 03/30/2016 please tell me there will be a part 2!! so verbally and visually delicious! Tootsweet on 03/30/2016 Fabulously sexy scene: intimate and so erotic, two gorgeous men pleasuring one another, lots of smut-talk, passionate kissing, and a particularly delicious orgasm from Wesley to finish it – and me – off. BAB on 03/30/2016 I like those 2 models together.. Both sexy and manly as i enjoy. Good scene in a bathroom.. I like the intro - the walk in the park, the romantic part near the fountain, caracters are interacting nicely ... Playing with Canada : Go for it ! the scene could have been nicer with a bit of french ... And careful about the background : Close up on Dustin face, he's lying on a black rug with a special pattern, and before and after those sequences both models are lying on black tiled floor with white terry towels only .... No rug at all ;). That's what i appreciate usually with CB.. The attention to the surrouding and the frame around the sex part. Make the whole scene so much artistic Carry on boys ! Good job ! Waiting for more ! Patrick on 03/31/2016 Wooh Dustin Holloway is such a hot guy, love to see him in action, great body he has and the sex with Wesley is very hot too...Great video for sure. S68909 on 03/31/2016 This scene was so hot. 2 very sexy men enjoying each other. Excellent, thank you CB Show More Comments

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