Dustin Holloway

Dustin Holloway

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There's something almost taboo about watching Dustin Holloway strip naked and fuck like a beast. He seems so innocent, so pure, so gorgeous in every aspect that you just want to snatch him off your computer screen and take him home to meet your mother. He's got such a chipper presence, such a heart-warming smile, and he makes the most adorably contorted facial expressions when he's getting plowed or vice-versa. Yes, that's right -- Dustin is completely versatile when it comes to sex. An all-around people pleaser, Dustin makes a great CockyBoy and will surely be putting smiles on many more of our guys in the future!

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Abaca on 03/29/2016 WOW! What a handsome man. BOS on 05/07/2016 This guy needs to make a lot more videos. One of my favorite porn stars!!!! Kush on 09/10/2017 Dustin is hot. Too bad he seems to have stepped away from porn.

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