Logan Moore Fucks Dillon Rossi

Featuring Dillon Rossi & Logan Moore

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Released: 09/18/2015 Categorized Under: Outdoors Featuring: Dillon Rossi & Logan Moore

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Logan Moore is quickly becoming one of the most aggressive tops at CockyBoys -- that burly, muscular body, scruffy facial hair, and enormous uncut cock make him ooze with sex appeal. When he found out that cutie Dillon Rossi was in town, a meet-up was quickly arranged and the guys went on a romantic bike ride. Dillon's beaming smile, his carefree nature, and of course his cute butt was really getting Logan riled up... especially at one point when he straddled Logan's handlebars!

If Dillon can make bike riding sexually arousing, you can only imagine what happened when the guys rode to one of Dillon's favorite "secret spots" near the lake. With summer still abuzz, Dillon knelt down on the grass and engulfed the entirety of Logan's rod. This kind of submission is exactly the kind of thing that gets Logan off and he was moaning in no time. Not wanting Dillon's equally thick cock to go to waste, Logan got down on his knees and gave Dillon the same erotic blowjob treatment.

Eventually Logan and Dillon moved to a set of wicker chairs, where Dillon proved once again what an amazing cocksucker he is. Logan couldn't wait to give Dillon the pounding he deserved, so he propped him up on one of the chairs, licked and rim with his tongue, and then abruptly started fucking Dillon. Logan granted no mercy, somehow giving no fucks while simultaneously giving Dillon the fuck of his life.

Shortly after, the guys moved to the grass where Logan let Dillon ride him for a bit before deciding he wanted full control for the grand finale. He positioned Dillon on his back and straight up drilled him face-to-face, watching his long cock thrust inside Dillon's squirming body. Logan was going deep and definitely hitting the right spots, though, because Dillon came like a geiser all over his own torso. Logan then collapsed next to Dillon on the grass and jerked out an equally impressive cumshot as Dillon egged him on. After a romantic bike ride and then an intensely brutal fuck, Logan finally landed Dillon with the perfect sensual kiss to balance things out right.


Jake Jaxson

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Dillon Rossi Dillon Rossi Logan Moore Logan Moore

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Rio on 09/19/2015 I love Logan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rbcone on 09/19/2015 I found this scene to be a three - way with old Mr. Sun. I know that you were giving yourselves a challenge with the lighting in this scene, but it didn't work for me. Both men are real professionals. I enjoy watching Dillon's pleasure having his ass filled and fucked, and Logan's thick creamy cum, when it came, was a real plus. Thanks for moving to the grass so we could observe the action I thought that the scene was too formulaic with no surprises. Not, for me, a favorite. M on 09/19/2015 love Logan - even more so when he bottoms. OzPinny on 09/19/2015 Welcome back to both these beautiful men! Was excited to see them in a scene together and loved the romantic start with the shirtless bike ride! Very sweet turned into deliciously rough once they moved to the chairs and we got to see Logan's infamous "grrrr" face and Dillon's equally famous "I love you drilling me, give me more" face. Who knew wicker could be so strong! The lighting was a tiny bit hit and miss but I have a good enough imagination to fill in the dark spots. When it was a hit it was absolutely beautiful and highlighted the guys well. I did miss the initial penetration shots. They seem to have been left out all together for whatever reason but I was so focused on Logan's tan lines that I wasn't left feeling too disappointed. Hats off to all the tops in these multiple orgasm scenes for holding their loads and their enduring stamina. True professionals. Amazing as always guys xx KMW on 09/19/2015 love Dillon and Logan. good scene I will watch it again, but nothing over the top, I want more excitement please. but its good to have these 2 back S68909 on 09/20/2015 Loved this scene. It had everything for me. The adorable bike ride, which I started singing "Raindrops Keep Falling In My Head" from an excellent old film, to the climax on the grass and how sweet is Dillon for saying sorry he had to cum again. The recent scenes outside have been some of the best, in my opinion, that CB have released xx quiet1 on 09/20/2015 I love Dillon, he is absolutely delightful. He is beautiful and sexy but in a streamlined simple masculinity. Logan was a nice balance with his darker heavier muscular rugged masculinity. The action in this didn't seem to come together so well. The scene setting with the bikes and the making out by the lake was gorgeous. But from there on it just didn't feel like it had the chemistry and ease that I admire in so many of the other pairings. Regardless of how it came across it was definitely pressing the right buttons for Dillon, "three times" wow! The end of summer definitely seems to have gotten a few of the guys into higher spirits :p BenDover on 09/21/2015 For me the lighting was not a problem. What do you want? A searchlight! Sometimes it is nicer to think about what you can't see rather than the perfectly obvious. The bike ride was a good variation, though riding with two on a bike shirtless was a bit nerve-racking for me. A good dynamic between these two men and Dillon never fails to delight. Seeing his hairy arse and treasure trail is magic (thanks Mr Cameraman for the stimulating up and under shots of him). Why can we not find such delightful locations to have undisturbed outdoor sex?! And Logan's creamy cum display showed just how much Dillon had pressed his buttons. Carteresque on 09/23/2015 I agree with rbcone about the lighting. Outdoor scenes always suffer in this respect. One of the best things about Cockyboys videos is the lighting in the indoor scenes,and that's just impossible to control here - it's reached the stage where I only take a cursory look at outdoor scenes now, because it's so unlikely that they'll be perfectly lit. Show More Comments

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