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Logan Moore

Logan Moore

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Logan Moore is fucking sexy. Just straight up hot. He's tall, masculine, has a clean-cut mop of brown hair, and gorgeous blue eyes that will send lightning through your bones. He definitely has a corporate suit-and-tie vibe, but underneath the button-down is a flawlessly muscular body and thick uncut cock. Logan's usually a top, but he likes to get fucked every once in a while too. He's a very direct, assertive guy when it comes to sex, and that makes him even more of a merciless hunk!

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D28 on 01/01/2016 First time I watched Logan. He is HOT,SEXY AND JUST DAMN AMAZING! Barry and Rocky on 04/25/2016 Logan Moore is the sexiest man you have on this site hands down. There is nothing like seeing a hard cock slide in and out of his perfect ass. He is the reason I came back to your site. mtmslg on 07/29/2017 Logan Moore is a god. Logan5 on 04/21/2019 I met Logan in person once and his body and cock are just perfection.

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