Jason Maddox Fucks Kody Stewart

Featuring Jason Maddox & Kody Stewart

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Released: 10/22/2015 Categorized Under: Men & Boys, No Ink, Outdoors, Power Bottoms, Twink Featuring: Jason Maddox & Kody Stewart

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Before Kody Stewart made his big debut at CockyBoys bottoming for Liam Riley, the pair took quite a hot trip to Fire Island over the summer with the scruffy hunk Jason Maddox. While Kody and Liam had been friends for quite some time, there was no mistaking the flirtation and sexual tension between Kody and Jason. So after some fun on the beach and a little cue from Liam, Kody casually followed Jason back to the cabin to make his wildest fantasies come true.

A fresh newcomer to CockyBoys, Kody was a little shy when he first saw Jason relaxing on a deck chair stroking his meaty cock underneath his trunks. Afraid of getting caught spying, Kody retreated to the shower... only to turn around and see Jason standing there behind him butt naked, quickly pulling him in for a kiss. Jason knew what Kody wanted all along, and Kody couldn't wait to wrap his lips around Jason's cock and devour it. You could tell by his enthusiasm that Kody would have sucked Jason off for hours if Jason hadn't pulled him up and told him he wanted to "fuck that ass." So, rather abruptly, Jason slid his dick straight up Kody's hole from behind and nailed him deep and fast while Kody moaned the whole way through.

At that point, Jason's thick cock may have been a little too intense for Kody, because Kody pleaded for Jason to fuck him back on the bed. So Jason gave Kody a little break -- a sensual blowjob, his fist wrapped all the way around Kody's dick. But only minutes later, Jason was back on top and plowing Kody mercilessly, his hands around Kody's neck. Jason could tell Kody was getting close, so he instructed Kody to sit on his dick. Kody happily obliged, riding Jason for some quick deep thrusts before blowing his load. But Kody knew his job wasn't finished just yet -- while Jason laid back and relaxed, Kody licked his balls until Jason jerked himself off to an equally impressive climax.


Jake Jaxson

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Jason Maddox Jason Maddox Kody Stewart Kody Stewart

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quiet1 on 10/23/2015 Sweet lead in with messing about on the beach and nice bit of voyeurism from Kody sneaking a peek from the shower. Fire Island is such a beautiful setting. This must be a favourite cabin for CockyBoys to visit. Carteresque on 10/23/2015 Wow! Seeing Kody's cum on Jason's muscular thigh is the highlight of the day for me! More Jason please! tootsweet on 10/23/2015 There seemed to be more chemistry between Kody and Jason when they were flirting on the beach than there was once they started fucking. And Jason's constant attempts to choke Kody got a little creepy for me. But I'm still liking Kody a lot: here's hoping for a Kody and Colby scene... Or Kody and Gabriel... Just saying... Adam on 10/23/2015 Hot scene! Kody and especially, Jason are great new additions to CB! Jason has become a real favorite of mine, and I'm so glad to see him here at CockyBoys! Please feature more of him. OzPinny on 10/23/2015 That was a real roller coaster of a scene! It started off fun and flirty then quickly developed into sweet anticipation before meeting up in the shower. From the shower to the bed somehow the chemistry started to wane and it became angry and frustrated sex from Jason. I'm not sure what happened but I got the feeling they both just wanted it over with by the end. Beautiful scenery and great angles and filming but it was too reminiscent of Colby and Justin's recent scene. I like grrrrr, but with passion, connection (eye contact, kissing, touches) and it being mutually wanted and enjoyable. Have loved the other new scenes from these two though! Sorry guys xx Rbcone on 10/23/2015 You describe a hot scene between a slutty think spending the day on Fire Island looking for dick and finding an older man to fulfill his dreams. I'm sorry to say it didn't make it onto the screen for me. After a good start on the beach, the most flirtatious thing Kody can think of is taking a shower? Jason is horney so when he's offered some twink ass he should take charge. He should have been the one to suggest moving to the bed and then fucking Kody until his brains fell out. I agree with OzPinny what we got was uninspired dick in and out until they finally shot their loads. CB is usually much better pairing the fantasy of sex with what we see on the screen. I guess this was just an off day. lark on 10/24/2015 Fem boys will do almost anything to get ahold of a man cock. Jason realized as things developed that he could do anything he wanted with this adoring boy, and he did. ❤dr on 10/24/2015 Kody is fucking HOT... garynickoli on 10/24/2015 great video jascon great bod sexy huge cock I want I volunteer Show More Comments

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