Gabriel Clark Fucks Carter Dane

Featuring Carter Dane & Gabriel Clark

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Released: 06/30/2016 Categorized Under: Hung & Big Dicks, Muscled, No Ink, Uncut Featuring: Carter Dane & Gabriel Clark

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Carter Dane is one of our newest Cockyboys models who has been getting a lot of attention after his first scene with Colby Keller debuted on the site. And it’s not surprise. He’s handsome, charming, and got that ripped body that just makes you want to fuck his brains out 24/7. Well, that’s exactly what Gabriel Clark did to him one sunny afternoon. Gabriel and Carter take their time getting to know each other and talk about what they each like. Carter mentions that he loves watching himself in the mirror while getting fucked and of course Gabriel decides that he will make Carter watch every inch of his massive cock disappear in Carter’s tight hole. But, first, Gabriel takes his time exploring Carter’s muscular physique in front of the mirror and admiring every part of his body. When he finally gets to Carter’s cock he puts it all in his mouth and gives Carter one of the best blowjobs of his life.

We all know how much Gabriel loves cock but we also know how much he loves ass and fingering it so this time he was doing both at the same time to Carter as he was watching it all happen in the mirror. After that it is Gabriel’s turn to get his cock sucked and as Carter is deepthroating his big cock it is plain to see in the reflection of the mirror that Gabriel is truly enjoying every minute of it. Following that is some 69 action but it’s not long before Gabriel admits he just wants to shove his whole face in Carter’s hole so he bends him over on the bed and starts eating him out. Carter has that perfectly shaped bubble butt that drives Gabriel insane and it’s not long before he finds himself with Gabriel’s massive cock drilling into his tight hole. After getting plowed for a while Carter wants to go back to the mirror so he can watch Gabriel fuck him from behind.

Standing on all fours, Carters watches as Gabriel puts every inch of his thick piece into his tight hole and then starts to plow away with no mercy. After all the intense fucking in front of the mirror the guys are back on the bed where Gabriel is giving Carter the boyfriend experience by gently fucking his hole so Carter can feel everything in “slowmo”. Carter is loving every second of it but after a while he asks Gabriel to pound him hard and make him cum which Gabriel is of course more than happy to do. With his feet up in the air, Carter once again gets fucked rough and hard until he shoots a massive load all over his chest. Gabriel of course is not one to just watch so he pulls out and sprays Carter with his big load and covers Carter’s chest with another huge load until he’s pretty much drenched in cum. After all that sucking and fucking, kissing and touching, cumming and swallowing, Gabriel just looks at Carter and says “You’ve just been Clark’d!”

Jake Jaxson

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Carter Dane Carter Dane Gabriel Clark Gabriel Clark

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Doc on 04/13/2016 Hell yeah, another for the Clark collection Figaro on 04/13/2016 OMG !!! SO MUCH FOR SITTING DOWN WITH AN NICE CUP OF TEA & A SNOOZE😨 sheesh, that was hotter than hell..😈 I could watch Carter all day (& I probably will!) Gabriel always delivers, I can't wait to see who's next, Tayte please.. the use of the mirrors was great, & beautifully shot as always.. Loved, loved, loved it.☺👅💋❤💙💚💛💜💖👍💣🎉📈🌞🌋🚿🚑 fuerteRio on 04/13/2016 OOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!! Dojo on 04/13/2016 Love the comment, You have just been Clarked!!!!! yea, by the PHD (Plow Him Deeper) of Porn! Amazing scene and loved the sex banter back and forth between Gabriel and Carter. Sammigirl413 on 04/13/2016 The secret is...Gabriel has just been Dane'd. This man is pure magic, maybe the best bottom to enter the scene in the last few years. Enthusiastic, passionate, uninhibited and eager; can there be a better combination. To take on Colby and Gabriel in your first two outings and essentially own both scenes is astounding. dorome on 04/13/2016 Wow! This scene ist seriously amazing. Starting with the cute interview, with Carter and Gabriel seemingly connecting to all the kissing, touching, sucking, rimming, finger fucking and finally pounding. Chemistry is of the charts. Gabriel delivers his best and and Carter Dane is just gorgeous. So hot! gary on 04/13/2016 great fuck god this dude built carter a stud lots more him great find love ur site gary on 04/13/2016 sexy stud ur carter yumm lots more him ur my fav site Genevieve130003 on 04/13/2016 Seriously, Gabriel Clark is the High Priest of Art Porn! He has this uncanny knack for reading his scene partner - just amazing. And lovely joyful. Well what you can say really. Except. OMG you two! Amazing!!! Show More Comments

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Featuring: Lev Ivankov, Jack Hunter, Dillon Rossi, Kody Stewart, Levi Karter, Topher Dimaggio, Mickey Knox, Colby Chambers, Colby Keller, Carter Dane, Gabriel Clark, Ashton Summers, Ricky Roman, Boomer Banks, Adam Ramzi, Liam Riley & Tegan Zayne

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