Alex Killborn Fucks Asher Hawk

Featuring Alex Killborn & Asher Hawk

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Released: 08/14/2015 Categorized Under: Twink Featuring: Alex Killborn & Asher Hawk

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You may notice a different style of filmmaking for this hot scene, and that's because it was shot and directed by our very own Levi Karter! A natural auteur, Levi will be shooting and directing a lot more scenes for CockyBoys in the coming months proving once again what a hard-working individual he really is.

Part of what makes Levi's directing unique comes from the fact that he's a porn star himself, adding an extra layer of trust and comfort for the models he's shooting. Alex Killborn and Asher Hawk were completely uninhibited from the first frame to the last -- ravenously making out, tearing each other's clothes off, and finally blowing, rimming, and fucking their way to one very climactic finish. Levi was able to really get into the middle of the action, and you'll notice some very intimate shots. Asher, who Levi's shared a scene with himself, was especially aggressive -- even as a bottom. He took off his shorts and popped his cock right into Alex's eager lips before pushing Alex back on the couch and giving him the same treatment.

Things escalated very quickly from there! Asher told Alex to rim him, proving again how very much in control he was, and Alex happily obliged. But Asher couldn't wait to get pounded, and he happily accepted Alex's invitation for a proper fuck. Alex then pushed Asher up against the couch and drilled him from behind, increasing his speed with every thrust. A true power bottom, Asher was so eager for Alex's cock that at one point it was like his hole was fucking Alex's dick instead of the other way around!

Alex was liking this sexual dynamic -- he as more of a submissive top and Asher as an in-control bottom -- and he suggested Asher ride his cock for a bit. Both dripping sweat and breathing hard, Asher hopped up and down on Alex's cock like the Energizer Bunny until Asher suggested they finish standing up against a sliding glass door -- half inside and half outside. What made this grand finale so sexy was that a storm was brewing outside as they both quickly reached climax. As soon as the rain started, Asher shot his load in no time at all. And then Alex finished himself off on Asher's pecs as the rain then poured hard... a nice artist touch (and tip of the hat) to Levi!


Jake Jaxson

Models Featured in this Scene

Alex Killborn Alex Killborn Asher Hawk Asher Hawk

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Oz on 08/14/2015 Asher is what makes this scene. If it wasn't for him, this scene would have been a dud. More Asher! Ladydee on 08/14/2015 That was a great scene! Love both Asher and Alex! Well done Levi! Pranks on 08/14/2015 Oh I love this! What beautiful boys they both are. Loved the doorway shots and the rain. GO LEVI!!!! OzPinny on 08/15/2015 Short and sexy and simply stunning! Well done Mr Karter. If this is the quality you are starting out with then the industry needs to watch out because you are going to take it by storm (no pun intended, although the rain at the end was awesome!) Alex and Asher were both gorgeous as always and boy was Asher an aggressive bossy bottom while he was riding Alex! It was like, you just sit there Alex and provide the meat while I go for a ride and chase my orgasm, WOW! So glad that Alex got to finish him with a great pounding up against the door with the gorgeous view and magical lighting. Amazing as always guys xx quiet1 on 08/15/2015 My oh my, Asher certainly comes across as the horny jack rabbit in this one. I think maybe he had some pent up energy after his fantastic scene with Tayte. It seems like perhaps this wasn't the best pairing or maybe just wrong timing or something but I feel like Alex was overshadowed and didn't really get an opportunity to shine like he usually does. I think his presence comes through best in the more laid back intimate scenes rather than the frenzied dominant action of this scene. I think both guys are great, it just didn't seem to click in this scene. I look forward to seeing what new aspects develop with Levi's direction of upcoming scenes. gary nickoli on 08/15/2015 asher is hot made me wack off more him love to to see asher an young black stud dorome on 08/15/2015 Go Levi! One can clearly see you're learning from the best. I'm excited to see more of your scenes. Asher and Alex are both gorgeous to begin with. And while Alex is a bit quite in this scene, I really like the bossy bottom and quite submissive top dynamic. The rain at the end of course is amazing, good instinct to use that! Catcatron on 08/15/2015 i agree with comments that Alex is quiet and a bit overshadowed in this scene. But perhaps this was the way it was meant to be, showcasing Asher's bossy bottoming skills!!!! I loved watching this as both guys are gorgeous. Great job Levi! ❤dr on 08/15/2015 It was awesome to see these two together. I was beginning to think they each had retired. The contrast between these two was brilliant. What an enigma...the rough CockyBoy looking Asher (yet a bottom) paired with the twinky Alex with those puppy dog eyes (but a top). Nice job Levi, you really made it work. Show More Comments

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