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Asher Hawk

Asher Hawk

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Asher is a guy who knows what he wants, but you'd never know that about him at first glance. He's like a frat boy undercover, a total guy's guy you genuinely want to be friends with... if you could only stop thinking about him when you jerk off at night. Being such an aggressive guy himself, he also likes guys who are aggressive around him. His sex drive is through the roof and he says there's no greater feeling in the world than a nice dick up his ass. He's got all the ingredients it takes to be a CockyBoy, and even looks like a few of them. If Ricky Roman, Levi Karter, and Jake Bass all had an orgy, then the resulting birth would be Asher. He's that hot.

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DJ on 01/02/2016 He's got the sexiest voice ever. Edison on 06/20/2016 where has Asher been?He doesn't show up for a long time. Jupiter on 08/27/2016 I remember Asher when he first "came out" on another site with a masturbation scene. He has certainly matured since being labeled a twink then to being the man he is today. I loved this guy back then and really glad to see him here as an exclusive. I hope to see a lot more of him in the future. me on 02/25/2018 Such a sexy man. Love his scenes, please more Spanishflyboy on 09/11/2019 Asher reaches "hottie overload." His eyes are mesmerizing and that voice - Lawd Jesus, he could made a fortune just doing phone sex calls. More of this sex god, please. Ray on 01/01/2020 He's so sexy I want him to fuck me

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