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Tegan Zayne Genetically designed to blow your mind.

Tegan Zayne

Meet Tegan

If you like your men tall, dark, and with hair all over (let's be honest, who doesn't?), then meet your newest porn obsession Tegan Zayne! Tegan's got these gorgeous chestnut-colored eyes, rock hard muscles all around, a curvy ass that nicely fills out whatever shorts he's wearing, and a trimmed yet bushy beard and chest hair that almost makes you forget he doesn't have a single tattoo or piercing on his body. Reminiscent of Bravo Delta with a touch of Carter Dane, Tegan is authentic, intelligent, a little bit nerdy/quirky (he loves Pokemon GO which is obviously amazing), and makes CockyBoys history as the first exclusive model of Syrian heritage.

A friendly goofball grounded in confidence, independence, and pride, Tegan also has a very prominent kinky streak to him which he successfully mixes with his geeky charm. Favorite quote: "Are you Katniss Everdeen? Because you're causing an uprising in my pants." Tegan's perfectly offbeat personality only makes you love him more, especially when you see the kind of unique attributes he also applies to his sex life. He says he's "gone down on guys for hours" when he's especially devoted to them, and has no problems taking big cocks from either end. He made his case clear after getting pummeled by Boomer Banks' famously large cock in his CockyBoys debut scene, and judging from the luminous expressions on his face, Tegan won't be leaving anytime soon as he settles in meeting the rest of our boys.

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Vabballfan on 07/30/2016 So hot and I love the fact that he doesn't have any tattoos or piercings - just that natural, beautiful body hair - woof. Maximilian on 08/04/2016 Super hot dark hair... like to see him very lean und ripped some time... :) karnak92 on 08/17/2016 Wow what a lovely sexy man, love a furry fellow and I think you are adorable, Glad to hear you are going to be around for a long while to sample the stable of huggable fellows... montrealmike on 08/27/2016 Tegan is a man's man. No ink and with beautiful natural fur. Very sexy and lovable individual. Atafafnir on 11/03/2016 Yes, I agree. A very sexy, hot and natural haired guy who turned me on. Fascinating his ability to handle large cocks as Gabriel´s with his mouth and throat. More of him please. TSP on 11/10/2016 More please!!! Jeff on 12/18/2016 I know that it may sound kind of corny, but I were your age, you would truly be my dream come true! Thanks for sharing you! Ntjames on 01/21/2017 He is a beautiful man, i love him! HenryJEdmund on 06/22/2017 Tegan is extremely sexy and handsome. I hope to see many more videos of him. He needs to be paired with Taylor Reign!! Sexy as fuck!!! Kush66 on 06/22/2017 While I enjoy the men and boys of cocky boys in general, guys like Zayne and Harder are my ideal ... just the right build, great furry chests and passionate. Hope to see a lot more of these guys on CB soon! Jay on 11/18/2017 Tegan is so very sexy in so many ways! Please let there be so much more from this hot stud! stallion on 01/18/2023 Tegan - sexy and hot!

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