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Roman Todd

Roman Todd

Meet Roman

You might find it equally easy to be intimidated by and turned on by tall, muscular and handsome Roman Todd with his New York tough guy accent. True enough, he gives the impression he's a no-nonsense type of guy who takes things seriously. In many ways he does, but this versatile, label-defying, talented & savvy porn veteran is also a creative type, a fan-pleaser, and up for almost anything. And if somehow you aren't a fan, just watch him in action because you soon WILL be a fan.

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deeper4 on 11/27/2021 Roman is so hot! CodyT on 01/19/2022 It would be a dream come true if there is a flip-flop scene between Austin Wolf and Roman Todd!!! ROMANFAN on 06/20/2022 Roman just gets better and hotter with age !!! Rod on 07/08/2022 I think Roman is the hottest man in porn.

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