Zach has a cute southern drawl, dark wavy hair, and a body that seriously could not be more perfect. He comes from Dallas, Texas, so you know he has some southern realness to him, and he'll tell you what's on his mind without any inhibitions. Zach is gay but he's actually never been with another guy before, so CockyBoys is his first gay experience and porn experience. You'll want to get to know Zach as soon as you see his first solo scene, and we're excited to work with him much more!

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Cocky br on 12/01/2015 Where is Zach? Been two years since these scenes. Is he still with Cockyboys? I want him so much, he's the best ever Mikropon on 04/01/2016 Zach... Where hv u been ? Jonny Kwest on 04/30/2016 PLEASE bring Zach back!!! He's so adorable and I have spilt bucketloads of cum watching the videos he's in. Phew...what a natural. John on 05/29/2016 My subscription ends tomorrow, I won't renew it, if you don't bring Zach back! (well probably;) But he's so god damn it hot! Charlie x on 06/22/2016 Where's him? :( devotedtodean on 08/13/2016 Totally agree with these comments...what happened to Zach? He was such a great addition to cocky boys. Did he quit the industry altogether? I would have loved him to do more scenes, there are current cocky boys who would fit so well with him! masterblack on 09/06/2017 You need to bring Zach back, he's fucking hot!!! sucknpop on 06/07/2019 If you're not going to bring Zach back can you at least give me his number? ;p

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