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Jason Maddox

Jason Maddox

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Jason Maddox is a rugged California boy: laid back, open-minded, chiseled beach bod. He'd never been to the east coast until he was drawn to CockyBoys, and when he flew out to New York for the first time and went to Fire Island with Levi Karter, he was hooked. Not just by the breeze or the glorious sunrise, but by the way CockyBoys does sex. Jason's a full-on fuck beast, so he was all set to put those skills out there for the world to see. He also has an extremely thick cock and knows exactly how to use it. Even Levi had a hard time taking it all -- Jason couldn't stop saying how tight he was. We're expecting great things for Jason in the future, and by the glow on his face after his first CockyBoys fuck with Levi, it looks like Jason may have found a new calling on the east coast!

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spitfire on 11/21/2016 what a guy one of my favs soooooooooo sexy!!!! RON777 on 01/06/2021 Jason has always been a favourite of mine, he is super class in all he portrays to the observer. Has super body proportions in all areas and scores high on inter partner reciprocity. Hmm from UK

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