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What's Your Kink? Vol 2
4 Episodes in this series

What's Your Kink? Vol 2

Let Me Get You Off!


Director: Jake Jaxson

Featuring: Leo Grand, Zach Astor, Brock Banks, Felix Fox, Zeke Wood, Kane Fox, Drew Dixon & Troye Jacobs

Description: Let them get you off. Watch as this crew of horned-up CockyBoys explore more joys of kink. Troye Jacobs climbs into a sling and lets Drew Dixon pound him raw. Leo Grand loves to be watched and gets turned on while Zach Astor fucks him on camera. See Brock Banks and Felix Fox worship each other's muscled bodies, while Kane Fox plays with a tied up Zeke Wood. All kink is good kink, as long as you have established boundaries and enthusiastic consent. So, take the time to explore and ask yourself... What's Your Kink? Enjoy!


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Leo Grand & Zach Astor New Release | 20 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Leo Grand & Zach Astor

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Featuring: Leo Grand & Zach Astor

Description: It's time for another round of our series "What's Your Kink?" starting with Leo Grand revealing his to Zach Astor who is excited to join in. As Leo has shown before, he likes to be watched and he takes it up a notch by watching himself having sex as it happens on the well-placed monitor. Once they set it all up the guys get into it with Leo sucking Zach's monster cock, and both into the pleasure and excitement of watching it on screen. Soon after stripping naked and resuming his cocksucking, Leo shifts into a 69 so that Zach can eat his ass. Locked into extensive oral foreplay Leo keeps deep diving on Zach who tongue fucks his hole and strokes him before moving to the main event. He fucks Leo from behind and then on top of him, pounding him deep. As Zach drills Leo from the side, [more....]

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Brock Banks & Felix Fox New Release | 25 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Brock Banks & Felix Fox

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Featuring: Brock Banks & Felix Fox

Description: Sometimes when your kink meshes with someone else's, that's everything. And that's how it is with Brock Banks & Felix Fox as our second series of "What's Your Kink?" continues. Felix loves having his muscles worshiped and is totally into a man's scent ..on his bod and his clothing. As his hands fondle Felix's ripped bod, Brock lets him know he's on board: "Baby you came to the right place". And just like that Brock makes out with Felix and his body with his distinctive brand of all-consuming passion. Soon Felix is on his knees getting what he wants: his face stuffed with Brock's musky crotch followed by his thick cock in his mouth and throat. Felix takes it all as gasps for air and gags on Brock's cock with tears streaming. Brock gives Felix a break to thoroughly worship him all over [more....]

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Kane Fox & Zeke Wood New Release | 31 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Kane Fox & Zeke Wood

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Featuring: Kane Fox & Zeke Wood

Description: Zeke Wood is back to explore his kink of being edged & controlled with like-minded Kane Fox! And when both guys share the fun of a power shift dynamic, it calls for a flip-fuck in the latest episode of "What's Your Kink?" After a little foreplay, Kane gives Zeke exactly what he desires by tying him to a chair, making out with him and teasing the helpless lad. Kane sucks on the tip of Zeke's hard cock as it pokes out from the elastic of his briefs, then sucks & strokes it, edging him oh-so-close to orgasm before pulling back. Kane takes a little break and stuffs Zeke's face with his crotch and feeds him his cock and balls. But soon Kane in back edge-sucking Zeke again before untying him, bending him over and eating his hole. This time there's no teasing a Kane slides his cock into [more....]

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Drew Dixon & Troye Jacobs New Release | 28 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Drew Dixon & Troye Jacobs

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Featuring: Drew Dixon & Troye Jacobs

Description: School is in session for some sex education in the "What's Your Kink?" second series finale! The teacher is sexually well-versed Drew Dixon whose pupil Troye Jacobs gets his first sling experience!. In his first "lesson", excited but slightly nervous, Troye is eased into the experience as Drew shows him that the sling amplifies the dom-sub, power & control dynamic...which Troye definitely wants. In the sling experience, Troy gets the royal treatment as Drew plays with his body, talks dirty to him in a sensuous voice, and fingers him. Then as Drew laps at his hole, Troy's experience is heightened by watching himself in the mirror above him. Drew turns his attention to Troye's big dick with deep & slow sucking followed by steady stroking as he exerts his control and edges Troye. Troye's [more....]


Leo Grand Leo Grand
Zach Astor Zach Astor
Brock Banks Brock Banks
Felix Fox Felix Fox
Kane Fox Kane Fox
Zeke Wood Zeke Wood
Drew Dixon Drew Dixon
Troye Jacobs Troye Jacobs

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