Flip It Raw 3
4 Episodes in this series

Flip It Raw 3


Director: Jake Jaxson

Featuring: Skyy Knox, Olivier Robert, Leo Grand, Zeke Wood, Aiden Ward, Drew Dixon & Jacen Zhu

Description: Aiden Ward & Jacen Zhu headline this volume of flip-fuckers that love to give dick as much as they like to take it. Not to be outdone, Skyy Knox shows newcummer Olivier Robert the versatile ropes as their thick uncut cocks stretch each other raw. Drew Dixon, Leo Grand & Zeke Wood round out this DVD with their all-star performances.


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Olivier Robert & Skyy Knox New Release | 29 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Olivier Robert & Skyy Knox

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Featuring: Olivier Robert & Skyy Knox

Description: Exclusive Olivier Robert returns to show off his versatility in a passionate flip-fuck with Falcon Exclusive Skyy Knox! Beyond their palpable mutual attraction and chemistry, Olivier & Skyy see eye-to-eye on the pleasure of giving pleasure and they make a connection right from the start. The guys make out and explore their muscular bodies through their clothes, but once Olivier starts to go down on him, Skyy quickly gets naked.   Olivier goes further than sucking cock by playing with Skyy's nipples and rubbing his cock on his hairy chest...and engaging in lots of kissing.. But soon Skyy wants to give back and gets Olivier on the bed to eat his ass, suck his cock and play with his ripped body. Skyy keeps going with this extended oral foreplay even as he gets Olivier on all fours . [more....]

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Leo Grand & Zeke Wood New Release | 22 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Leo Grand & Zeke Wood

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Featuring: Leo Grand & Zeke Wood

Description:  Leo Grand and Zeke Wood hit it off in their first meeting and in this flip-fuck directed by Tayte Hanson, they happily go from sensuous to edgy. As they start kissing, their hands began to wander, and it isn't long before Zeke is sucking Leo's nipples and licking his neck and while making out, Zeke fingers Leo's hole and gives his firm ass a resounding slap. Soon Zeke has Leo bent over so he can really finger and eat out his tasty hole before moving in front of him so Leo can suck his big dick and give vivid pleasure Soon, Zeke wants his ass eaten and lies back while Leo gives his hole the same attentive oral pleasure...and some finger probing. In response Zeke gives Leo his best sucking, taking his rigid cock into his throat. And after getting it hard & slick, Zeke wants to be [more....]

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Aiden Ward & Drew Dixon New Release | 33 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Aiden Ward & Drew Dixon

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Featuring: Aiden Ward & Drew Dixon

Description: Drew Dixon returns for a flip-fuck with Aiden Ward! Drew & Aiden hit it off with some frank talk about "liberated" sex, which in turn becomes a kind of verbal foreplay. So, as Aiden goes down on Drew, he knows he can reach around and work several fingers into Drew's hole. And after making out Aiden shows off his well-learned prowess for sucking dick by deep-throating Drew, slobbering on his balls and pleasing him VERY much. When Aiden stands up Drew does his best to give him the same attention to his big cock & balls. After they get fully naked, Drew & Aiden virtually jump right into a 69 fully engulfed in sucking cock and eating ass with unbridled enthusiasm. With his cock rock hard from the sucking and his hole expanded from Aiden's handiwork, Drew makes his move and sits on Aiden's [more....]

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Aiden Ward & Jacen Zhu New Release | 25 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Aiden Ward & Jacen Zhu

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Featuring: Aiden Ward & Jacen Zhu

Description: Jacen Zhu is back! He brings joyful energy to Cocky Boys and makes a fun & sensual connection with Aiden Ward on the path to a passionate flip-fuck. Their chemistry is instantaneous when they start kissing and making out, enjoying each other's bodies as well as their lips. Aiden's mouth soon makes its way down Jacen's bod to suck his cock down to the base and make him softly moan with pleasure. Jacen wants to give Aiden pleasure too, so they ease into a 69 where Jacen eats his and tongue-fucks hole while Aiden continues to savor his cock. At one point, Jacen is almost giddy as Aiden brings him to close to the edge, so they slow down and switch it up. Jacen sucks Aiden's ever-hard cock and Aiden fucks his mouth in response, again getting close to the edge. Aiden resume sucking Jacen in [more....]


Olivier Robert Olivier Robert
Skyy Knox Skyy Knox
Leo Grand Leo Grand
Zeke Wood Zeke Wood
Aiden Ward Aiden Ward
Drew Dixon Drew Dixon
Jacen Zhu Jacen Zhu

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