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Director: Jake Jaxson

Featuring: Nikko Russo, Thyle Knoxx, Nico Leon, Küper, Troy Accola, Austin Wolf & Austin Avery

Description: Austin Avery leads a group of bottoms that just crave bare cock. They're always asking their fellow tops to ram it in deeper. Austin takes a dicking from the legendary Austin Wolf while Nico Leon and Ben Masters get smashed and pounded by Kuper and Troy Accola respectively. Go deeper.


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Thyle Knoxx & Nikko Russo New Release | 29 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Thyle Knoxx & Nikko Russo

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Featuring: Nikko Russo & Thyle Knoxx

Description: Nikko Russo is mostly a top, but one look at Thyle Knoxx and he wants a flip-fuck in this condom free scene. A little mutual hands-free crotch rubbing leads to Thyle sitting on Nikko's lap for some romantic making out getting his hole finger-teased. Soon clothes come off and Thyle hungrily sucks Nikko's rigid rod and big balls. And in time he turns his attention to eating out his smooth hole. After considerable spit-lubing Thyle slides in his cock and gives Nikko the fucking he's been craving. The sounds of Nikko's moans and his balls slapping his butt drives Thyle to happily fuck him harder. And though Nikko loves it, he wants his turn too and in a fairly smooth turnaround he's thrusting deeo into Thyle doggy-style on the four-poster bed. Nikko also gets his turn at sucking Thyle [more....]

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Küper & Nico Leon New Release | 25 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Küper & Nico Leon

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Featuring: Küper & Nico Leon

Description: Statuesque duo Nico Leon & Küper spend a fun & affectionate summer day together which leads to some condom free porch passion in the late afternoon. First though Nico rouses Küper from his nap and it doesn't take long. A little kissing leads to making out as Nico grinds his ass on Küper's bulging crotch. But it's when Nico starts his fat cock that Küper is wide awake and sucking him back enthusiastically. In little time they've switched places with Nico lying back and Küper swallowing his cock and deep diving on his savory hole. In even less time Küper slides his steel cock into Nico and pumps into him and as he goes harder & faster Nico loves it even more. Küper jacks Nico as he thrusts into him, bringing them both to the edge before slowing down. Nico uses this time to [more....]

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Troy Accola Enjoys a Rainy Day Flip Fuck New Release | 22 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Troy Accola Enjoys a Rainy Day Flip Fuck

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Featuring: Troy Accola

Description: Troy Accola & Ben Masters finally get together and even a surprise summer storm isn't going rain on their fun. In fact Troy believes "rainy days can actually be the best kind of days" for and shows Ben how in this condom-free flip-fuck. Ben gets what Troy means when he sees his underwear-tenting boner and excitedly sucks him. Troy attempts to slow down Ben with periodic kisses but comes up with a better idea. Troy lies Ben back to face-fuck him deep and slowly bends forward for a 69 with him. Ben loves Troy's cock but turns his attention to eating his ass. This leads Troy to turn Ben around and rim hm back, sucks his big balls and tease his hole. And once Troy slides his raw cock into him, it drives Ben wild. After some deep plowing Troy craves his turn and makes his move to sit on [more....]

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Austin Avery & Austin Wolf New Release | 30 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Austin Avery & Austin Wolf

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Featuring: Austin Avery & Austin Wolf

Description: Austin Wolf & Austin Avery are together, on screen, for the first time!. Having hooked up many times before they've developed an intuitive connection & trust and they bring it on camera in this intensely passionate condom-free scene. As they stand in front of a mirror naked Austin W wraps his arms around Austin A, whispers in his ear, strips him to his boner-stretched briefs and tenderly makes out with him.Austin A then gets to knees to suck him deep, guided guided by the words and firm hands of Austin W. Austin W is extra turned on watching this in the mirror and he takes the time to periodically kiss Austin A lovingly before standing him up to play with his tight hole. When he sits on the bed Austin W keeps watching as he gets more deep throating & he fingers Austin A, who joins [more....]


Nikko Russo Nikko Russo
Thyle Knoxx Thyle Knoxx
Küper Küper
Nico Leon Nico Leon
Troy Accola Troy Accola
Austin Avery Austin Avery
Austin Wolf Austin Wolf

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