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Daddyland Vol 2
3 Episodes in this series

Daddyland Vol 2


Director: Jake Jaxson

Featuring: Gabriel Clark, Mateo Vice, Nico Leon, Brock Banks, Avery Jones, Manuel Skye & Aiden Ward

Description: Young & lithe Avery Jones gets put through his paces when he meets Mega Pornstar Austin Wolf. Austin dominates young Avery and pounds him raw without abandon. Brock Banks, Manuel Skye & Gabriel Clark join Austin in this volume about daddies that love to control their boys! Enjoy.


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Mateo Vice & Gabriel Clark New Release | 26 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Mateo Vice & Gabriel Clark

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Featuring: Gabriel Clark & Mateo Vice

Description: Gabriel Clark is back for an encore...and his first condom-free scene for us! Gabriel fills us in on his travels before his scene with Mateo Vice where you'll see that one of Cocky Boys' "it" guys still has "it". Montreal first-timer Mateo is excited to be "Clark'd" and right away gets Gabriel's 1st class seduction. Gabriel kisses Mateo passionately & sucks him hungrily and gets it back in return before he takes control for good. After sucking Mateo again & making out with him, Gabriel turns him around and feasts on his hot ass. And before long he buries his cock in Mateo and pounds him in the perfect Gabriel fashion that Mateo loves. So much so that Mateo returns to servicing his cock with even more gusto that surprises even Gabriel. And when Gabriel asks if he wants to ride his [more....]

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Brock Banks & Nico Leon New Release | 21 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Brock Banks & Nico Leon

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Featuring: Brock Banks & Nico Leon

Description: Brock Banks is back to give Nico Leon the passionate power-topping they BOTH want to happen in this condom-free scene. Brock makes his intentions clear as they make out and he bends Nico over and pulls down his underwear to bury his face is his crack. His mouth, tongue & fingers open up Nico's hairy hole and Brock pulls his cock and balls free from his briefs to pound him and slam fuck him deep. After they get fully naked, Brock fucks Nico hard on his back, exciting the vocal bottom even more. Before they both go over the edge though Brock turns Nico around to use him by fucking his throat. After he takes every inch Brock rewards him with some sucking and 69 action, but soon he wants back in his hole. Lying Nico on his stomach, slobbers on & finger probes his hole before getting on [more....]

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Aiden Ward & Manuel Skye New Release | 27 minutes RatingRatingRatingRatingRating

Aiden Ward & Manuel Skye

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Featuring: Aiden Ward & Manuel Skye

Description: Aiden Ward really likes it when a hot, older takes control and tells him what to do and that's just what he gets from Manuel Skye in this condom-free scene. Not long after joining Manuel in the shower, as ordered Aiden is on his knees sucking his cock & balls. A pleased Manuel sucks him back, finger-probing & rimming him at the same time. But Manuel soon needs more room and bends Aiden over the sink to rim him more and suck his engorged cock from behind. Manuel gives Aiden a taste of his oozing precum then eases his cock into him and fucks him hard, totally owning his ass. Manuel stops only once to give Aiden another taste of precum & eat his hole again before pounding him hard. Carrying him to bed. Manuel slides Aiden over the edge of the bed to tease his hole and get him to suck [more....]


Gabriel Clark Gabriel Clark
Mateo Vice Mateo Vice
Brock Banks Brock Banks
Nico Leon Nico Leon
Aiden Ward Aiden Ward
Manuel Skye Manuel Skye

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