Tayte Hanson Fucks Dillon Rossi

Featuring Dillon Rossi & Tayte Hanson

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Released: 06/20/2014 Categorized Under: Muscled, Outdoors Featuring: Dillon Rossi & Tayte Hanson

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Tayte and Dillon met at the club when Tayte was auditioning to be the next exclusive cockyboy. Even before the audience crowned him the winner he was already flirting with the cockyboys and making plans to fuck their brains out. He already plowed Levi Karter and next on his list was Dillon Rossi. The two of them are both huge fans of outdoor sex so as they were cuddling on the hammock outside things just naturally progressed from soft kisses to hardcore pounding and dick riding! Dillon, as usual, can't help his own dick from being rock hard the whole time and he admits - he loves getting fucked and played with at the same time. So while Tayte was swinging him back and forth on the hammock he grabbed Dillon's cock and it only took a second for Dillon to shoot his load. The sight of all that cum clearly got Tayte very excited because he couldn't help but shoot his load right after that. It's safe to say Dillon is one happy bottom boy. Who's next?


Jake Jaxson

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Dillon Rossi Dillon Rossi Tayte Hanson Tayte Hanson

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Hannarock on 06/21/2014 Holy shit!! This was seriously hot. I love, love, LOVE Tayte Hanson. Great pairing of two hot guys. Keep the Tayte scenes coming ;) Kinkybouncygirl on 06/21/2014 I really love Tayte and the combination with Dillon is super HOT!!! SP88 on 06/22/2014 That was delicious........ BeSafe71 on 06/22/2014 There is just something to be said about chemistry. I love that Tayte and Dillon connected at Berlin prior to filming together. It just added another level to the scene. Personally, I hope you let Tayte talk in every one of his scenes. Even his voice is sexy ;) Here go my random thoughts... Two of my favorite m/m romance authors have stories that have their characters having hammock sex, so this was like a fantasy come true for me :) There is so much I loved about this scene, but I have to start with another stomach-clenching whisper from Tayte: "Look at me." Then he followed it up with that knowing smile of his. *shivers* And I don't usually go for the spitting, but holy hell. The attention Tayte gives to Dillon's pleasure is beautiful. I don't mean to imply that he didn't do that with Levi and Joey (or that he doesn't in RL), it's just something that struck me more this time. Tayte shows us that being a top isn't just about control and domination. It's also about giving. It was fun(ny) that you could hear someone mowing grass and even running a chainsaw during filming. Definitely added to the realness that they were outside. Always a bonus to get to hear RJ's voice too. One thing I like is when the top switches up the tempo. And does Tayte ever. Unf! He slowed it down at one point, grinding his hips, and there was a great camera angle of him flexing his now infamous butt. Gorgeous. And don't even get me started on the kissing. My favorite thing is boys kissing boys. The chemistry between Tayte and Dillon made for some great kissing. I'm such a sucker for the hands on the neck too. Dillon is so expressive in his scenes...from those beautiful eyes that Tayte pointed out to his body language to his vocals. Love that about him. I love that he was able to come just as he thought he would. It was perfect. And it's safe to say that I could watch Tayte getting lost in the moment as he finishes on a loop. From the opening conversation (and Tayte licking his thumb and playing with Dillon's nipple) to the mutually satisfying ending, this is another scene I immediately added to my Favorites. Thanks to all involved! BoyPlay on 06/23/2014 Very Very hottt, and showing Tayte's ass was awesome. I would love to see Gabriel rail Tayte's ass!!! Good scene guys. Jade on 06/23/2014 My two favorite CockyBoys together.....and it was Yummy!! Dillon and Tayte seem to have a real connection that you could feel. Extremely HOT scene!! jaysome on 06/24/2014 Sheer Goodness! this_nick on 06/25/2014 Tayte Hanson is already a star and this vid especially shows why. His openness and ease with people isn't just sexy, it's perfect for what can often come across as awkward -- the lead-up to a porn scene. He immediately puts Dillon at ease. The relaxed quality of their natural chemistry conveys the genuine attraction between them, and makes the build-up and payoff here feel more explosive. As another viewer mentioned, the enthusiastic attention Tayte gives to increasing Dillon's pleasure definitely stands out. Whether he's jerking Dillon while fucking him, or feasting on that incredible ass like it's Thanksgiving dinner, what makes this so hot is how much Tayte visibly enjoys pleasing his partner. A lot of guys in porn fake that (some well, even), but nothing's sexier than a man who truly gets off on giving pleasure as much as he does receiving it. This has got to be my favorite Dillon scene since his pairing with Bravo Delta. He's so expressive in his pleasure here yet not overdone. It's the perfect joining of two hot guys clearly enjoying each other's smoking hot bods, and what could be better than that? This immediately shoots into my Top 5 of 2014. Well done, boys! Zoodlemouse13 on 06/28/2014 Dillon has always been a favourite of mine and he doesn't disappoint here. I have no idea how he managed to have beautiful posture with that gorgeous back arch while in a hammock! Perfect bottom is perfect. I love how Tayte is so attentive. The kissing and watching Dillon to make sure he's ok and ...I get sick of tops thinking that sticking it in and pounding at top speed is a good top. Blah. I love that Tayte is into pleasing his scene partner. Loved this. :) Show More Comments

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