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Happy Endings: Cody Seiya & Tristan Hunter

Featuring Cody Seiya & Tristan Hunter

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Programming Note: COCKYBOYS is proud to present this double special release of the first installment of Jake Jaxson's HAPPY ENDINGS, combining the first episode released on October 25th, with the new episode released today, making it one epic installment you won’t want to miss. If you’ve seen Part 1 and want to fast-forward to Part 2 please start at 23:10.

The continuation of Jake Jaxson's HAPPY ENDINGS focuses on city boys Tristan Hunter & Cody Seiya as they settle into their new home in the country and not only adjust to its quiet solitude, they're transformed by it. Tristan is transfixed by the house's secrets, especially the mysterious attic, and on their first night, Cody goes from affectionate bottom to intensely passionate hard-driving top in a wildly hot flip-fuck. And it all happens while unseen spirits are watching and waiting to make their move.

 Tristan and Cody settle in and boldly make the house theirs with heated, vocal sex in the deathbed of the former owner. It's an easy transition from passionate kisses to Cody lovingly sucking Tristan, who shows the same romantic passion when he sucks Cody and eats out his ass. And when he fucks Cody deep every which way, Tristan is very much the giving top.

When Tristan drills Cody on his back, influential forces spark a flip-fuck. Cody shows he's an exceptional true vers and like a man possessed literally flips, hungrily eating out Tristan's hole. Cody then pounds Tristan, awestruck by the change in their dynamic. The intensity builds to Cody fucking a load out of Tristan and then shooting his load over him.

In the middle of the night Tristan gets up and sneaks up to the attic in order to privately explore some mysteries he may have uncovered. However, restless spirits have plans of their own involving Cody and Tristan is powerless to stop them....

Jake Jaxson

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Cody Seiya Cody Seiya Tristan Hunter Tristan Hunter

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Happy Endings

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Featuring: Greyson Myles, Trevor Brooks, Tristan Hunter, Cody Seiya, Daniel Evans, Sean Xavier, Lane Colten & Shae Reynolds

This Halloween, CockyBoys is proud to present Jake Jaxson’s HAPPY ENDINGS, starring Tristan Hunter and Cody Seiya as a young couple from New York City who inherits a Hudson Valley home, along with the previous owner’s haunted past memories of love, loss, and redemption.

HAPPY ENDINGS is the newest addition to Jake Jaxson's wildly successful Memento Mori anthology that includes the award-winning classic features THE HAUNTING, ANSWERED PRAYERS, MEETING LIAM, and ALL SAiNTS. Where THE HAUNTING was about love and acceptance, HAPPY ENDINGS is about living life now without regret, free of fear and resentment. Director Jake Jaxsons says: "Honestly, I can’t think of a better way to explore those themes than in a gay porn movie."

This Halloween prepare to be surprised with Jake Jaxson’s HAPPY ENDINGS as CockyBoys comes full circle to an empty country house, the setting for the supernatural series of releases that began with THE HAUNTING. In the debut episode of HAPPY ENDINGS, you'll meet the house's mischievous trespassers Greyson Myles and Trevor Brooks, as you've never seen him before, a fearless top with a “fuck you” attitude. He's totally turned on by intruding at the risk of getting caught and enjoys corrupting and seducing Greyson—who conversely is thrilled to be dominated and seduced by Brooks.

Greyson receives a relentless pounding from Trevor in this 5 star performance that is is not to be missed. The forbidden nature of their illicit activity drives Trevor to an intense orgasm and just as he's about to make Greyson cum, they're interrupted by footsteps and the ghostly opening of the attic door. Scurrying downstairs they hide from the possible intruder and as the danger of being caught is heightened, Trevor fucks Greyson to a furtive, intense orgasm, concluding this sexy and spooky debut episode of this extraordinary feature now playing only on

The house turns out to have two more people (Cody Seiya & Tristan Hunter) arrive and Trevor & Greyson have to put in extra effort to avoid detection and try to make their escape. Why are Cody & Tristan here? Will they catch Greyson & Trevor? Find out in Episode Two.

Acclaimed CockyBoys Director Jake Jaxson says: "It’s hard to believe that TEN YEARS ago today, I released the first installment of what would become an instant Fan Favorite and now CockyBoys classic: THE HAUNTING. At the time I had no idea it would be the start of a multifaceted gay erotic anthology — a decade-long love affair that cemented my dedication to the craft of sexual storytelling. I became Jake Jaxson with that film."

He goes on to say: "As we are celebrating our 15-year anniversary, it's hard not to reflect on THE HAUNTING as a defining project for CockyBoys. Its success opened the studio to different audiences and allowed me, our team, and our performers to expand our thinking of what was possible in the realm of sexual storytelling by exploring themes and situations that are equally important to our sexual realization while stimulating our fantasies and desires. HAPPY ENDINGS is the next phase and evolution of that storytelling and I'm thrilled to share it with everyone!"

Jake Jaxson’s HAPPY ENDINGS will be released in installments over the next three months only on The all-star cast includes Tristan Hunter, Cody Seiya, Trevor Brooks, Greyson Myles, Sean Xavier, Daniel Evans, Lane Colton, and Shea Reynolds. Don't miss this next generation of sexual storytelling only on

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