Boomer Banks & Tayte Hanson

Featuring Boomer Banks & Tayte Hanson

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Released: 08/12/2016 Categorized Under: Hung & Big Dicks, Men & Boys, Outdoors, Uncut Featuring: Boomer Banks & Tayte Hanson

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Boomer Banks & Tayte Hanson met at a party in NYC a few years ago but the sparks didn’t fly until they got to know each other better at the Grabby’s last year. Of course as soon as Tayte got his hands on Boomer’s “anaconda” he has been impatiently waiting for the day when he’ll finally be able to enjoy it fully. And lucky for him - and us - that day is finally here. As they lounge around by the pool soaking up the new summer sun Tayte can’t help himself but be all over Boomer. After a few kisses Boomer is already hard and ready to get things started. Tayte makes his way down Boomer’s body where he finds one of the biggest cocks he’s ever seen his entire life - if not maybe THE biggest.

However, we all know Tayte loves a good challenge so it comes as no surprise when he swallows all of Boomer’s meat right down his throat without even gagging. With his watery eyes and spit dripping out his mouth he keeps deep-throating the big cock until he decides to get a taste of Boomer’s ass. He slowly makes his way down and back and lifts Boomer’s legs up to expose his hole and dives right in. That clearly gets Boomer going but before he gets to nail Tayte’s hole there’s one more thing he wants to do - face-fuck him no mercy style! As Tayte lays down on the chair with his head hanging from the edge Boomer slowly yet aggressively shoves all 10 inches deep into Tayte’s throat and starts to fuck it like he owns that thing.

Tayte of course doesn’t seem to mind one bit. In fact, he keeps pulling Boomer closer to him and begging him to shove it in even deeper. After all that Boomer is finally ready to get started working on Tayte’s hole. Some rimming and fingering get Tayte all riled up and begging to be fucked. As Boomer nails Tayte right there on the pool chair it’s safe to say that he goes where no man has ever been inside of Tayte before. As Tayte desperately tries to stop himself from shooting his load he invites Boomer to go lay on the grass so he can ride him and be in control. However, that only seems to make Tayte want to shoot his load even more so he finally loses control and shoots a massive load on the grass before Boomer covers his chest with his creamy load.

Jake Jaxson

Models Featured in this Scene

Boomer Banks Boomer Banks Tayte Hanson Tayte Hanson

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Figaro on 08/12/2016 WOW! Where do I start.. TAYTE riding the UNICORN!!!😨OMG, I had to take a comfort break half way through.😆 I'm slightly obsessed with Boomer & Tayte, so together... almost more than a girl can stand. There I was happily perusing some old CB scenes, when I came back to the home screen...I think a little bit of wee came out!!!! My weekend now has endless possibilities. THANK YOU ALL.😄😈😇👅💋❤💙💚💛💜💕💖💝💞💟👌👍👏👑💣🎉🎉🍹🌴🌞⚠🔥💥🔥💫 P5 on 08/12/2016 Holy crap lol <3 GENEVIWVE on 08/12/2016 Ohhh.My favourite Boomer scene. And Tayte Hansen. You are a fucking rock star!!❤😘🍆 aargauch on 08/12/2016 We go from one extreme to the other on CB - beautiful sexy young men on one hand and then, such ugliness !! devotedtodean on 08/12/2016 This went straight to my playlist! I admit to having a huge crush on Tayte. Everything about him is a complete turn on from the way he looks to the way he moves and how vocal he is, especially his fucked out dreamy luck after he cums *sigh* The fact that he likes some rough play makes him even more appealing! This scene with Boomer was awesome and boy! was Tayte made to take that dick or what!! deepthroating and balls deep in his ass...incredible! Definitely worth re watching several times. Could only have been better if Tayte was wearing his eyeliner and collar *blushing* ;) Meowmmycat on 08/12/2016 Great Mooglie Googlie...y'all did it again. Bringing together two larger than life personalities and chemistry and sex and: BOOM! Blows my mind! S68909 on 08/12/2016 I was not the biggest fan of Boomer, then I met him in Chicago and what a sweet man he is. Since starting with CB he has been allowed to be truer to himself and act kinder/sweeter. This scene was fantastic from tbe beginning when they were remembering how they first met each other and it was super cute home Boomer did not like being compared to various animals. The sex was hot as hell. Tayte took charge initially and made sure Boomer knew what he wanted. Tayte's face was priceless and the noises he was making while taking Boomer's dick. 2 beautiful men enjoying each other while being shot beautifully by RJ. Top marks from me 😇😈😎 Mzdivasandy on 08/12/2016 I have always been a Tayte Hanson fan and most recently a Boomer Banks fan. He's quite a lovely man and he is so wonderful with all his scene partners. Leave it to Cocky Boys to just keep giving us such quality content. This one was just HOT HOT HOT!!!! quiet1 on 08/12/2016 It's so wonderful that this studio seems to continually offer opportunities and a place where the models can express different parts of themselves. Especially for someone like Boomer who seems to have been type cast by other studios for the tough guy role. I think it's refreshing and sexy/sweet seeing how his more real self operates in each new scene. As for Tayte, well he will always be devilishly delicious. Ever since he found his voice in scenes he never lets go of the reins, even when he's bottoming. I appreciate all the communication between him and his scene partners. Show More Comments

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