Boomer Banks Fucks Beaux Banks

Featuring Beaux Banks & Boomer Banks

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Released: 12/10/2016 Categorized Under: Hung & Big Dicks, Uncut Featuring: Beaux Banks & Boomer Banks

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Who doesn't love New York? It's a city where a chance encounter on a subway can lead to meeting Mr. Right...or Mr. Right Now, as Boomer Banks points out.

Beaux Banks has admired Boomer Banks from afar and is eager to get to know him more intimately. Luckily, Boomer has been waiting for him and the chemistry is electric. Their passionate makeout session quickly leads to Beaux kissing his way down Boomer's toned chest until he takes his entire cock in his mouth. It isn't long before Boomer throws Beaux onto the bed so that he can taste his willing hole and take Beaux's cock in his mouth.

Things quickly heat up and Beaux begs Boomer to take him. Turning Beaux over, Boomer fills his hole completely while Beaux moans with pleasure; writhing in bed and twisting the sheets. Burying Beaux's face in the pillow, Boomer takes control and leaves Beaux pleading for more until Boomer blows his cum load all over Beaux's sleek back. Still reeling from the ecstasy of Boomer's cock, Beaux strokes himself until he explodes all over his own stomach.


Jake Jaxson

Models Featured in this Scene

Beaux Banks Beaux Banks Boomer Banks Boomer Banks

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Figaro4me on 12/11/2016 WOW!!! That was hotter than hell. Been looking forward to this scene, since I knew Beaux had filmed a scene with Boomer. It did not disappoint, what a way to start at Cockyboys!! Well done Beaux, you were amazing to watch, that body, & that booty!! Omg. Boomer as always was fabulous, I just love him, they were explosive together. Would have loved to have seen Beaux riding Boomer, but hey, there's always next time. Welcome to Cockyboys Beaux.❤ meowmmycat on 12/11/2016 You've done it again Cockyboys! Adding Beaux Banks to the roster is a home run! Beaux is sweet, humble and sexy as hell. He is simply #BEAUXdacious. He is already a fan fave on Twitter...Hey Beaux!! #GayPornSisitasAndAMr Add in the ever sexy Boomer Banks? Combustion then...BOOM!!!! This #Baconbit loves everything Boomer touches and every way he touches! Looking forward to more from Beaux. Boomer? Well he has my undying devotion. Well done Cockyboys, Boomer and early Christmas present EVER!!! Jersey on 12/11/2016 Wow! Beaux is a breath of fresh air on this cold December day! Amazing addition to the Cockyboys family! Was looking forward to seeing this scene and it did not disappoint. It was incredibly hot. The lighting, the back story, the kisses, whispers, sighs and moans! All of it worked. Love everything Boomer is in and now we need more Beaux! Cockyboys please sign Beaux exclusive so he never leaves this site! #gaypornsistasandamr #baconbits Amazing on 12/11/2016 Fantastic! So hot! Loved it. Doc on 12/11/2016 Liked the chemistry AS USUAL Liked Beaux, hope to see more of him Kennaleigh on 12/11/2016 Been waiting for this one for a long time. It was worth that wait! Boomer and Beaux are amazing together. They have so much chemistry...very hot and VERY sexy. This scene was perfection. Pablo on 12/11/2016 Boomer parce tener una paz cuando habla ...el me gusta mucho...creo que todavía estoy por acá gracias a he hallado todavía quien ocupe el lugar del actor que hizo que me enamorara del porno te extraña mucho Jake Bass Adam on 12/12/2016 Beaux is a very welcome addition to CB, but I really don't find Boomer attractive. mzdivasandy on 12/12/2016 As always, a fantastic scene with Boomer! Calvin Show More Comments

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