Benjamin Blue Fucks Danny Montero

Featuring Benjamin Blue & Danny Montero

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Released: 09/23/2016 Categorized Under: Power Bottoms, Twink, Uncut Featuring: Benjamin Blue & Danny Montero

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Benjamin Blue and Danny Montero are two fun, crazy for each other, passionate guys who can’t seem to be able to keep their dicks in their pants when they meet. As Danny admits “I’m a shy guy but within 5 minutes of meeting Benjamin he was already sitting in my lap” As Benjamin starts to tickle Danny he finds his weak spot is his feet but then Danny finds his revenge when he kisses Benjamin behind the ear.

As the two are giggling and throwing around on the bed the clothes start to come off and Benjamin reveals his rock hard cock. Danny wastes no time and starts to suck on it right away. Apparently Danny is a sucker for pre-cum because he licks every drop of it off of Benjamin’s uncut cock. Clearly Danny is doing such a great job at it that Benjamin feels the need to turn him around and start smacking Danny’s ass to leave his hand print on those ass cheeks as he is rimming his hole to get it ready for some serious fucking.

Danny is in pure heaven as Benjamin tongue fucks his hole and opens it up before he slides his hard cock balls deep. First, Benjamin take Danny from behind doggy style and rides him hard for a while before pushing him down on the bed to really get deep in his hole. As Benjamin plows Danny’s ass like never before Danny can’t stop telling Benjamin how good his feels up his ass. Of course Benjamin already knows that so he just keeps pounding him harder and harder until Danny shoots his load over his head. As Benjamin sees Danny cumming all over himself he immediately pulls out to cover him with his cum shot too. Then it’s back to tickling.

Jake Jaxson

Models Featured in this Scene

Benjamin Blue Benjamin Blue Danny Montero Danny Montero

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Catcat on 09/23/2016 Well that was a different side of Benjamin😳😳😳😳😳😳😳 Danny was as cute as ever. It is nice too see different sides of the models Figaro on 09/23/2016 Danny & Benjamin were so cute together. I loved the tickling at the beginning, & both of them are sexy as hell.😈 loving Bens new hair style, & Danny has really put some muscle on.I felt the chemistry wasn't quite there till the end, but maybe that's because Danny is a bit shy & Ben is not very vocal.still loved it, & want to see more of both.😆😈😍😚❤💙💚💖💋 justme on 09/24/2016 Both models are cute, no doubt. But they don't fit together in this combination. Benjamin is not a top. I liked him as a bottom in the scene with Asthon. There he was full of energie. But in this scene he is just doing his job. So Danny is a little bit lost, because he doesn't get the right input. In minute 12, when Danny finally comes out of his jeans they both don't even have a hard one. The cumshot of Danny was good but lost in the sheed. Benjamin had no real pressure. Not my cup of tea. Honey on 09/24/2016 This was very sweet and sexy. Both models are great, but I have one objection. I would give them more time to cuddle and make out in the beginning. That could be very beautiful to watch because they both give out this more romantic, loving vibe. Ah, oh, well. I don't know how Benjamin feels about topping, but he has a very nice cock, so I understand that it would be a waste not to give him a chance to top from time to time. I just feel that he was kind of reserved and not letting himself go, even though there is a real beast inside of him. There's just something in his eyes that says that he's a real naughty boy :) Danny is always a delight to watch and it seemed like he was quite a lot into Benjamin, so.....all in all, a very nice Friday surprise! Gladys on 09/24/2016 Siempre tengo presente agradecer el trabajo que realizan y todo lo que hacen para darnos buena calidad en las escenas....pero últimamente siento que se está perdiendo la mística....esta pareja muy dulces ambos pero la química salio volando por la ventana Se extraña la vieja época angel72 on 09/24/2016 Eh. I have to admit I'm a more top and bottom kind of fan. Don't get me wrong, there are couples where flip fuck just clicks, you know. But.It's just not my taste.Topping requires a certain kind of attitide, like " this ass is mine and you're gonna get it AND like it". I do NOT want to see Colby Keller bottoms, or Gabriel Clark getting fucked. Boomer with Dato? A whole other level of fucking. That was...intense and omfg-im-dying scene. Anyhow. Benjamin is a pure bottom for me. So is Danny. Great bodies, playful guys but can you please give them a top in between? Two butts sharing one cock. That's.. something to think about. A lot. Like, really a lot. So, by now I guess you've figured it out if I like this scene or not. Make it a threesome and I'm game, though... ;) Dorian on 09/26/2016 Danny really had to carry this scene. Benjamin had no drive and seemed kinda lost. Danny however is adorable and as hot as ever, perhaps my favourite Cockyboy atm. Adam on 09/28/2016 Love Benjamin! Would love to see him bottom for other CB stars. Sweetheart on 10/02/2016 Sweet fucking sexy and very Young i loved this scene they where amasing together💋💋💋💋💋 Show More Comments

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