Alex Mecum Fucks Tegan Zayne

Featuring Alex Mecum & Tegan Zayne

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Released: 01/05/2017 Categorized Under: Body Hair, Hung & Big Dicks, Muscled, Oral & Deep Throating, Power Bottoms Featuring: Alex Mecum & Tegan Zayne

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If there's one thing Tegan Zayne enjoys it's sucking cock. Which is perfect because Alex Mecum is all horned up and ready to be serviced!

Tegan talks about how to give the perfect blowjob while demonstrating on Alex rock hard boner. Slowly teasing the balls and flicking his tongue around the base before taking the sensitive cock head in his mouth and swallowing the shaft down his throat. It's not so much a blowjob as it is cock worship!

He works Alex's cock with his expert mouth until his buddy is breathless and begging to return the favor. Alex pulls Tegan's pants down and takes his cock in his mouth as Tegan watches in amazement. It feels as good to give the perfect blowjob as it does to get one! But Alex has more in store for his handsome buddy so he pushes Tegan back on the day bed and pushes his legs in the air to reveal his beautiful asshole.

Alex takes his time and slowly works his tongue in and out of Tegan's willing asshole. Tongue fucking him while lubing up his hole. Tegan loves the feeling but is eager for that cock so he looks Alex directly in the eye and begs to get fucked. Of course, Alex is ready and willing to please!

Alex aims his thick hard cock at Tegan's hole and drives it home with one long, slow thrust that leaves Tegan wide eyed and moaning. Alex waits a second for his buddy to get used to the feeling then starts slowly pumping his cock in and out of his body. A glorious un-rushed fuck that sends waves of pure pleasure coursing through both of their bodies.

Alex fucks Tegan on his back so he can look into his eyes while his cock disappears in his asshole. A passionate union of two beautiful men experiencing the connected pleasure of the moment.

Tegan wants to ride that cock so Alex lays back while Tegan climbs aboard. He bounces up and down on the rock hard shaft and Alex can only look on in amazement as his buddy fucks his cock with abandon. Tegan spins around so he can see Alex while he rides his cock and the two are in perfect harmony as the grunt and grind their way to ecstasy.

Alex wants to see Tegan shoot all over his chest so he flips him around so he can fuck that load out of him. The two jockey for position for a moment then find their rhythm and Alex pounds Tegan's ass with a new found sense of purpose. It doesn't take long before Tegan freezes for a split second and the cum starts to fly. And what a load! He blasts shot after shot of pure white pleasure all over his furry chest and abs. Screaming with pleasure as he drains his balls in a matter of seconds. Damn!

Alex is not far behind and he pulls his own magnificent cock out of Tegan's ass just in time to hose him down with another load. Thick white goo splatters out of his dick as his body jerks and spasms from the relief. Tegan reaches down and grabs his still hard cock and expertly milks the last drop of cum out of that shaft before marveling at the beautiful pecker as it releases its last bit of seed.

Alex leans in for one more passionate kiss. I don't think this will be the last time these two get it on!

Jake Jaxson

Models Featured in this Scene

Alex Mecum Alex Mecum Tegan Zayne Tegan Zayne

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zofingen on 01/05/2017 Tegan Zayne is a most beautiful physical male specimen! zofingen on 01/05/2017 Write a Comment... zofingen on 01/05/2017 Tegan's body is perfection with just the right amount of fur. WesD on 01/05/2017 Having been hoping to see these two together for quite a while. Two magnificent men! TSP on 01/05/2017 Oh, I've sure missed seeing Tegan and yes, he IS "a most beautiful physical male specimen"! And, quite the shooter!! CB, I sure hope you have a lot more of Tegan in the pipeline, it's been over a month since we last saw him. Please keep them/him cumming!! meowmmycat on 01/05/2017 2 beautiful men doing something beautiful. Tegan seems to have chemistry with everyone. Alex's megawatt smile is breathtaking. Another good pairing Cockyboys! hawk on 01/05/2017 Yes, yes, yes. Two masculine muscular beauties, into it, into each other, doin it to perfection with a dollop of Jaxson magic. That's what I am talkn' about. Uncledaddy on 01/05/2017 These two guys are awesome I love both actors Alex & Tegan muscular & hairy! Great together! Love the video!!! Jim8 on 01/06/2017 I told you that they'd be perfect. And they are...congrats! My only regret in seeing this tonight is that I jacked off a couple hours ago...LOL Show More Comments

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