Variations - A Film By Frankie V

Featuring Frankie Valentine

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Released: 10/16/2013 Categorized Under: CockyBoys TV, Mini-Series, Specials & Goodies!, Solo, Twink Featuring: Frankie Valentine

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Porn Haus Film Fest
Frankie has been kind of a CockyBoys anomaly. So far he's only shot one solo scene with us in New York, and he's already captured a legion of Fans. He is also a regular guest host on Gay Sex Cast. He is creative, unique, and his ambition is through the roof. I first approached Frankie about doing a film for our Porn Haus Film Fest after seeing some of his films on his Youtube page. As I expected, he was eager to take on the project. I gave him a theme: SELF LOVE.

He came back with a series of personal moments showing the different mental states one may go through before finally learning to love themselves. Frankie then overlays these emotions with the art of masturbation-- jerking off every day for five days.

Just like Frankie himself, this short film is very unique, contemplative, and stylistically raw. Frankie has a very sharp edge to him, and is definitely a personality that deserves a lot of attention. We're happy he's a CockyBoy, and proud to showcase his unique voice to the world.

I'm also happy to announce you will be seeing more of him in the coming months in our new feature film series, ANSWERED PRAYERS. So stay tuned!

Love Always,

Jake Jaxson

Models Featured in this Scene

Frankie Valentine Frankie Valentine

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Top99w9 on 10/18/2013 Interesting concept...would've rated higher except for a couple of things...for each day, would've been more interesting to have different background music to match the "mood" of the day, rather than the same atonal e-hum. Also, the vocal track seemed off to me? I don't know if that's part of the "Porn Haus Film Fest" concept, but CB in general has really good production values, and not having a richer sound (since that was part of the point of this short) seems a miss. Otherwise, interesting concept. Tuckerpuss on 10/18/2013 Wow who would have thought porn could be so thought provoking. The simplicity of the concept and staging was stunning although I really disliked the "music". I can only assume someone was vacuuming in the next room! Sid11105 on 10/18/2013 A real good waste of film and time. After Day 2, Frankie did the same thing over and over -- and the setting never changed and neither did that annoying, boring music. If there was any redeeming was the words spoken...and we know they were not written by Frankie. mdevil on 10/18/2013 You're kidding, right? I've never seen anything less sexy or more contrived. This is NOT CockyBoys, sorry... aargauch on 10/18/2013 Reminds me of gay amateur video ... me2 on 10/18/2013 I thought it was WONDERFUL! Cilantro on 10/18/2013 Cilantro here, CockyBoys video editor and staff member. We welcome and appreciate all feedback for our films, especially for the ones as unconventional as this one. I thought I would give some context to this film -- our goal for the Porn Haus Film Fest is to showcase work that's a little different than our traditional updates. Jake Jaxson also wanted to empower our performers to create works that matched and showcased their personalities, as seen in Fuck Yeah Levi Karter, Go GoGo Go, and now Variations. For a small-town guy like Frankie with limited means to have written (yes he did write this), directed, and edited this film all on his own is an achievement in our eyes -- a success in that it has provoked a discussion on what it is and even what it's not. Frie on 10/19/2013 I loved the amateur feel of this video. Frankie is beautiful and this was gorgeous to watch. I love that Cockyboys is experimental and am up for anything that is different to the norm. This is one of the main reasons I subscribe. I like variety and I love the overlap of art and porn that we keep seeing in the stuff that Cockyboys are putting out there. My only criticism here is that the 'music' (such as it was) was a distraction rather than an addition for me. I'd have liked to have heard Frankie instead - even if it was just heavy breathing and rustling sheets. When watching porn rather than having sex you've already lost three of your senses: touch, taste and smell, so stripping away one of the remaining senses always feels like a huge loss. But as I said - visually it was stunning. Thanks Frankie, and Cockyboys. SJL on 10/20/2013 I very much enjoyed this film. It was many things but most of all it was Erotic Art. It is very refreshing to see experimental, unconventional work to show sex in such a different way. I enjoyed the combination of the scenery, lighting, sound and the facial expressions that combined with the sexual exploration on screen. It was mesmerizing and arousing to see something that was so very good but not the same cookie cutter work so many studios put out. Well Done Frankie!. So very thrilled with your work and I hope there is more in the future. Thank you CockyBoys for showcasing him. Great Job! Show More Comments

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