Trenton Ducati Fucks Lev Ivankov

Featuring Lev Ivankov & Trenton Ducati

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Released: 03/24/2016 Categorized Under: Featuring: Lev Ivankov & Trenton Ducati

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Lev can only smile as Trenton Ducati walks up and kisses him hard on the lips. It's amazing to see Trenton's muscular frame tower over Lev's skinny little twink body and this power dynamic sets the scene for what's about to come.

Trenton tears Lev's clothes off in a rabid display of primal desire then dives his face into that perfect twink asshole. Slurping and slobbering on that hole as Lev is left panting on the windowsill. He comes up and kisses Lev with the taste of his own ass still on his lips before picking him up and carrying him to the couch.

Lev knows what to do next so he dives on Trenton's thick cock and swallows it all the way the balls in one stroke. Trenton watches his dick disappear down Lev's throat and seems genuinely amazed at how well this kid can suck a cock! He bobs his head up and down along the rock hard shaft then twists his mouth around the swollen head.

Trenton flips him around and aims his unrelenting cock at Lev's asshole and pushes it in forcefully. Staring into Lev's eyes so he can see the expression on his face as his cock stretches his ass wide open. Slowly pumping it in and out as Lev whimpers helplessly on the couch. The two flip around and Trenton picks up the pace until he's pounding his cock in and out of Lev's ass. His balls slapping against his butt cheeks as he looks deeply into his eyes and says "You're so fucking sexy!"

The two keep fucking until Lev is literally begging for more of Trenton's muscle daddy cock. Screaming "Fuck me!" at the top of his lungs as he bounces up and down on that thick shaft bringing Trenton closer and closer to the end.

Lev hops off just in time for Trenton to spill a huge load of cum on his rock hard abs. Bucking and jolting on the sofa as the waves of pure pleasure shot through his body. Fuck, that's a huge load!

Jake Jaxson

Models Featured in this Scene

Lev Ivankov Lev Ivankov Trenton Ducati Trenton Ducati

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montrealmike on 03/25/2016 Are we now into Daddies and Lads stuff? This is not up to Cockyboys calibre. Sorry, this one is not for me. Marvio on 03/25/2016 Lev is breath taking coolcoolboy on 03/25/2016 After Trenton's scorching scene with Allen King, he can do no wrong in my book. The set design is a little blah, but who really cares? GPR on 03/26/2016 Love it! I want more videos of Trenton fucking cute twinks. DOc on 03/26/2016 I've said it before and I'm saying it again, I love a scene with contrasting guys. Big and Hunky pounding into young and twinky. I love Lev, he's completely won me over and Trenton is the perfect cocks-man to give the pups a proper thrashing. LOve it!!! hetloo on 03/26/2016 For me this couple doesn't fit. What a waste of Lev, he's so hot!Not my cup of tea. Catkisser on 03/27/2016 I love the younger/smaller with older/bigger dynamic and this started off with lots of chemistry. The kissing, rimming and carrying were all very hot. For me, the penetration part of the scene wasn't as hot because, at first anyway, Lev did not seem to be enjoying it at all. And as far as I could tell he didn't even orgasm? This was in sharp contrast to his scene with Jack. I adore Lev so I really love to see him really get into a scene and have a lot of pleasure. Trenton seemed to love every minute of everything that went on and I loved hearing him call Lev "Sexy Boy" and "Beautiful". Nola on 03/27/2016 That was uncomfortable. Trenton was trying so hard but there was just no there there. Off day for Lev. He seemed like he would rather be doing anything else. Would love to see Trenton with more of your passionate models - he's so hot. Take care of the older people. on 03/27/2016 I love Lev. Show More Comments

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