Trenton Ducati Dominates Allen King!

Featuring Allen King & Trenton Ducati

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Released: 02/05/2016 Categorized Under: Men & Boys, Muscled, Power Bottoms Featuring: Allen King & Trenton Ducati

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Trenton Ducati and Allen King are two names that don’t need introduction in the porn world anymore. They have been wanting to do this scene for a very long time now and finally it happened. Trenton and Allen were doing a camshow to promote Cockyboys’ newest feature - One Erection - and from the very beginning Trenton could not keep his hands off Allen. He would slowly undress him, kiss him, massage him, and do just about anything that involved physical contact. Allen of course loved every second of it. The attraction was totally mutual and it was obviously going to lead to something intense.

After the camshow was over, Trenton and Allen head back to their room to start the real fun. However, on the way there, Trenton decides he can’t wait another second and starts to suck Allen’s rock hard cock right there on the staircase. Allen just whispers “I always wanted to do this with you!” as Trenton deepthroats his cock. Then Trenton picks Allen up and takes him to the bedroom where he starts to throat fuck him and slaps his face with his massive cock. Allen, who clearly can’t get enough of Trenton’s cock, finds himself bent over with his tight little hole tongue fucked with no mercy before hopping on top of the massive Trenton and riding his giant cock like a pro. But Trenton wants more control and he wants to be able to get into Allen's hole even deep. So he picks him up and as he holds him in his arms he starts to bounce Allen on his cock up and down. Allen, impaled on Trenton’s cock, is unable to do anything else but just moan in pleasure as he takes Trenton’s cock deeper than he ever imagined a cock would go into his hole. After some intense drilling in the air, Trenton throws Allen on the bed so he could fuck him some more on his back before making him ride him hard and deep. As Allen rides Trenton’s cock he inevitably shoots his massive load all over his chest which makes Trenton want to do the same so he pulls out and covers Allen with his giant load before one final kiss.

Jake Jaxson

Models Featured in this Scene

Allen King Allen King Trenton Ducati Trenton Ducati

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DOC on 02/05/2016 The kind of match up I love the most (any kind of sharp contrast) older vs. younder, experienced vs. naïve, rugged vs. soft etc etc etc I hate parity. Yes two young soft skinny fem twinks is nice, but replace one of them big masculine hairy and muscular and that flips my chips S68909 on 02/05/2016 Think Allen could have said anything as long as it was n Spannish and Trenton would find it sexy, I certainly found the scene hot from start to finish and when Trenton picked Allen up..... I always read JJ description after watching a scene. I have watched One Erection and got image in my head of Trenton fan girling for Allen and scene would be a dream come true for him lol. Loved it 10/10 Tunie081 on 02/05/2016 This was HOT !! Loved the stairwell action...and the filming was on point! Allen and Trenton sizzled like a 4th of July sparkler! Great job by all involved. zofingen on 02/06/2016 Another retread tire (not Allen King) comes to Cockyboys. This is certainly not a good tendency ... have said it before. Catcat on 02/06/2016 I wasn't a huge fan of Trenton's but loved him in this scene! The pairing of Allen and Trenton was awesome!!!!! M on 02/06/2016 I'm usually not the biggest fan of either Trenton or Allen, but this pairing was surprisingly hot. pornfreak on 02/06/2016 What a FANTASTIC scene! Passion and intensity! Figaro on 02/12/2016 I love Allen, he is so sexy!! Wasn't to sure about Trenton from other scenes, but after this I will look forward to the next time I see him. He came across as such a sweetheart in the cam show, Mmmmmm.x😀💝 coolcoolboy on 02/14/2016 What a perfect scene! I love both guys, and their chemistry was palpable. I think I liked this scene even more than had it been a flip-flop. Of course this scene deserves a sequel. Allen might not be able to carry-fuck Trenton, but I am 100% sure he can fuck Trenton's brains out. Please make that happen, CockyBoys! Thanks! Show More Comments

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