Topher Dimaggio Fucks Angel Cruz

Featuring Angel Cruz & Topher Dimaggio

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Released: 04/26/2016 Categorized Under: Hung & Big Dicks, Muscled Featuring: Angel Cruz & Topher Dimaggio

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Topher Dimaggio and Angel Cruz meet in an alley by a sex shop and immediately feel the connection. Topher gives Angel “the nod” and you know it’s on like it’s on fire. They cruise around the store for a bit, exchanging looks and checking each other out, then Angel heads over to the playroom section where his dick gets rock hard. Topher follows him of course and finds Angel with his hard dick ready to be sucked. Topher wastes no time as he gets down on his knees to start devouring Angel’s massive piece and spits on it to get it nice and wet. It seems as if Topher just can’t get it deep enough down his throat because he keeps pushing his head down on it and making Angel moan with pleasure. As they get all excited and horny Topher suggests that they go back to his place to which Angel happily agrees. Back at Topher’s place the clothes are already coming off and now it’s Topher’s turn to get his dick sucked. Angel starts out nice and slow but is not afraid to tell Topher to get rough with him. And if you know Topher, he doesn’t wait for a second invitation to fuck a willing throat as hard as he can. Just a few seconds later Angel finds himself brutally face-fucked and covered in spit and loving every seconds of it.

After some more throat-fucking they get into a 69 position so they can both suck each other off at the same time before Angel gets on top of Topher and starts riding him. Angel’s rock hard cock is flopping up and down as he bounces on Topher’s thick cock and begs in Spanish to be fucked harder. He clearly can’t get enough of Topher’s cock so Topher decides to put Angel on the floor with his ass up and pound him from above so he can get really deep and hit “the spot”. Angel is in heaven as Topher stuffs his tight ass with his massive cock and is not shy about begging for more. For the grand finale, Topher picks Angel up with his cock still inside him and puts him on the bed then continues to fuck him until Angel can’t take it anymore and finally give in by shooting his big load while Topher keeps plowing his hole. What follows next is something even veteran porn-lovers will be excited to see. Topher pulls out and puts his dick in Angel’s mouth to shoot one of the biggest loads ever captured on camera! Directed by Chi Chi LaRue and RJ Sebastian, this scene is a sexual masterpiece featuring two of the best pornstars in the industry that truly know how to fuck!

Jake Jaxson

Models Featured in this Scene

Angel Cruz Angel Cruz Topher Dimaggio Topher Dimaggio

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Sirjoe on 04/26/2016 Topher's cum shot is amazing. Wow! 2 hot guys Figaro on 04/26/2016 Really fast & furious😨 Love Topher & Angel, but I would rather the honest chat at the beginning than the contrived set up!!! As in with Levi & Tayte. Just not for me this one, although the cum shot at the end was spectacular!!☺❤ dorome on 04/26/2016 Wow! What a hot scene! I really liked the set up at the beginning. Especially the cage thing... Look really hot and looked like Topher and Angel got really into it. Over all great chemistry between those two. I liked how expressive an passionate were through this scene. Giogi666 on 04/26/2016 Honestly I believe that four scenes with Topher in recent weeks are really too many. I'm a cockyboys fans, especially for the "original" cockyboys, Tayte, Ricky, Levi and Liam. I hope to see soon on the site new scenes with these guys, especially with Tayte (my favorite) and Liam who seem to be almost disappeared in recent months. Ciao Ciao Giogi666 Tara on 04/26/2016 Angel has really grown on me. His scene with Ricky was the first step. He is sexy and I love his accent. One of the things I love about cockyboys is the chemistry that is often between the scene partners. They want to please as much as they want to be pleased. This scene was not as exciting for me. Topher appears to be quite a selfish scene partner and comes across as abrasive. I didn't see them as a good match. His cum shot was pretty awesome though! Marie on 04/26/2016 I never comment, however I need to say something. This is a pond site, fantasy, and this is just an erotic visualisation for me on one of my fantasies. Everybody has something they are into and cockyboys does a great job of fulfilling everybody's needs. Fantasies may not be your thing, however interviews may not be somebody else's. Thank you cockyboys for being such a versitle site and giving something for everybody. And as for Topher scenes? Well he can appear as many times as needed, he is sexy whenever!! CS57 on 04/26/2016 Love the verbal; glad guys are vocalizing their pleasure more often in the updates. Keep it up! Chi Chi LaRue on 04/26/2016 WOW, i knew when filming this with RJ that it was going to be spectacular and I'm happy to say, in my eyes, it is! I have never worked with Topher before and frankly i was a little scared. Topher and i have always busted each others balls but i really think he is a true Porn Star. Angel and I have worked together before and he is so hot, ready to please and again he didn't disappoint. Thanks everyone for creating a fantastic scene! XXXO Chi Chi Adam on 04/26/2016 Love Topher and have never really cared for Angel, but this is a really hot scene! Lots of chemistry between the two of them! Please, continue to feature Topher! Show More Comments

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