Tayte Hanson & Allen King Flip-Fuck

Featuring Allen King & Tayte Hanson

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Released: 10/09/2015 Categorized Under: Power Bottoms, Uncut Featuring: Allen King & Tayte Hanson

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When we flew one of our regular New York CockyBoys, Tayte Hanson, up to Montreal to hang out with our guys there, we had no idea what kind of chemistry would ignite. When you're as sexuality versatile as Tayte and Allen King though, any and everything can happen. Tayte was so excited to finally spend time with Allen that the guys fooled around, sucked, and rimmed each other the night before to practice -- saving their cumshots of course for the "ovation" the next day as Tayte called it.

And by the way their lips locked that next day, Tayte and Allen could have been mistaken for a long-term couple. Allen was so sensual as he climbed on Tayte's lap and made out with him, slowly undoing his pants, that going down and giving Tayte a blowjob was the natural next step. Allen has perfect cocksucking lips, and Tayte was in heaven. Allen even snuck in a teasing rimjob quickly before it was Tayte's turn to suck and rim Allen. They then assumed their former position on the couch, where Tayte finally slid his cock inside Allen's eager hole so Allen could ride him.

After warming Allen up, Tayte wanted to get a little more aggressive. So he full-on picked Allen up, and placed him on all fours where he fucked him doggy-style for a long while. Tayte could tell Allen needed a little break from his thick cock, so they switched it up for a little bit with Allen drilling Tayte hard on all fours. But Tayte wanted the final bow, so he nailed Allen in three positions before Allen finally blew his load -- missionary style on the ottoman, a quick air fuck demonstrating Tayte's strength, and then finally fast on the couch with Allen on his back. With Allen covered in his own cum, Tayte jerked himself to climax before finishing things off right with one final passionate kiss.


Jake Jaxson

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Allen King Allen King Tayte Hanson Tayte Hanson

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Amanda on 10/09/2015 Taytes growls... Lord. That just does it for me quiet1 on 10/09/2015 Phew! Tayte has really brought his boss game in his recent scenes. It doesn't seem to matter what role he takes, he is always so vocal and in control of getting what he wants, love the communication. I liked the match with Allen, who seems to be able to take with a smile whatever his scene partner is dishing out. Nice work team. I especially liked the setup shots in the sculpture garden and by the pool or wherever those shots were taken. S68909 on 10/09/2015 Fantastic scene. Loved the way Tayte was lifting Allen around and dominated him, pinning his arms to his back. 2 very sexy men and a great pairing Doc on 10/09/2015 Havent even watched it yet, I'm saving it for after Saturday morning jog jerk to get my weekend started right jerk, but I tell you right now I already love it and its already my favorite scene ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Adam on 10/10/2015 SUPER scene! Tayte is AMAZING! Love Tayte and Allen. Please, feature both of them as much as you can arrange. KMW on 10/10/2015 wow, now that was a great scene, Tayte and Allen are great together. so sexy, we need more scenes like this, this is one I will watch over and over. great job everybody !!!! lark on 10/10/2015 Wonderful scene. Tayte doesn't so much make love as he conquers his partner. Allen can't seem to get enough of Tayte's power and control, and gives it all up to him, every last drop. Sheluvesgayboys on 10/10/2015 Wow! Listening to Tayte talking dirty to Allen is such a turn on! This is definitely a scene that needs to be watched with the volume turned WAY up! Rbcone on 10/10/2015 This is why I love Cockey Boys! Many, many thanks to everyone who worked to bring this romantic fantasy to fruition. I love to watch versatile performers flip fuck. That description seems so inadequate here. Allen and Tayte are so eager and able to give and receive sexual pleasure it's almost palpable. The performances and flow of the scequence built so naturally to the climax, despite what I'm sure were many takes and much hard work. Members interested in viewing another scene of romantic passion on this level should search out a Michael Lucas scene with Woody Fox and Jayden Grey. Again, many thanks to all. Show More Comments

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